I have a feeling Koch is going to get a big hit today

Nothing more than just gut instinct but a lot of times these come to fruition I hope he does !!

I would like to see Koch have a good day at the plate but more than anything else I hope he continues his solid play behind the plate and calling the game!
Every game we have plenty of players that step up with big days at the plate. If Murphy can give the hogs a solid start and get through 6 or 7 innings we should win and end the Super today! Hoping for a Hogs win!! WPS!!!

Hope your gut is right.

I’m with youdaman. He is due.

Not so far. :frowning:

They need to bunt him more with guys on base

Can’t hit a fly ball when needed

He is due for a big hit , I’m in with you

Maybe it was tomorrow I was thinking about:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Koch is a great player on defense but sucks on offense.

Need to move him and Bonfield down in the order.

Koch got a hit that drove in a run two games ago but that’s been it. Can’t even move runners over or get a sac fly. Most everything a pop up or short high fly out. He’s a very good defensive catcher but offensively he’s been sub par at best. I’m sure season has taken its toll on him. I would move him to ninth in batting order to limit his opportunities at the plate. Bonfield not producing either.

Bonfield is batting right at .300. They seem to do better against lefty pitching, as you’d expect.

Koch has hit the ball hard this weekend, but doesn’t have a lot to show for it.

i still think he is going to come up with a big hit.

I guess it is a sign of how strong this lineup is when you have a summer international all-star catcher, 2nd team All-SEC player, 5th round draft pick, and he is your weakest hitter. Compared to last year, his hitting has tailed off a lot. I have been waiting for him to break out of this slump. Tonight would be a good time for our bigtime catcher to become, again, a bigtime hitter. JMVVVVVHO.