I have a confession to make

I did not see the final 2 1/2 innings of the game last night. I had an opportunity to play basketball at 8:30, and I couldn’t turn it down. On water breaks, I would check my phone to see what was going on. I knew the bases were loaded with nobody out in the bottom of the ninth. And then, somehow some way, we wiggled out of it and got the W. I would love to see the pop fly that nearly doomed us. Is that available to see anywhere?

You can find full highlight replays of all games; basketball, baseball, and football, on YouTube the next day.

I always watch them them to let me see the game after all of the “Heat of the moment” emotions.

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Thanks Matt!

Battles messed up by not peeling off on the fly ball, but I thought his decision to not throw the ball on the grounder that followed showed great awareness.


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