I have a complaint about the game

I could not get internet service from my seat, nor could I open the Gameday site. I wanted to see other game scores, but the ESPN site just remained blank.

If it was because my SR iPhone is on Verizon, I am about to fix that. Verizon charged me a $15 penalty four times last week for overages on data. I am not putting up with that.

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Did you log on to the stadium WiFi service, or use your cellular internet access? If you didn’t do the former, try that next time.

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I did go to Settings and saw the correct Wi-Fi site, and clicked on it; then was taken to a page that was titled “log-in”, but otherwise was blank and stayed blank. Did that several times; nothing happened.

tried to draw in HawgsIllustrated on normal internet access (via Verizon) and drew a blank page.

It wasn’t Verizon. I have AT&T and had the same problems. I think the Hogs wi-fi just wasn’t ready for 74,000 phones trying to connect. It also seemed to be blocking 4/5G use without WiFi.

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I couldn’t log in either.

For me at least, I got NOTING on regular cell service, couldn’t send text, get on the internet, etc. Then I went to the wifi and saw the same thing. I had to wait probably 3 minutes before the “log on” stuff came up. It wanted my name, email and zip code. (Why???) Once I did that, it took about 30 second to then connect. Once I connected, all the text I had sent or received came in and I could get on ESPN and see other scores.

By the way, did the score board show ANY other game scores during the game? If it did I missed it. I guess I am showing my “old timer” status by even asking about that.

I have AT&T as well, but I was able to login to the WiFi and kept it the whole game.

I couldn’t log on to wifi or with AT&T either.

Service was awful. We were tailgating all day and streaming the games. After about 2:30, we could no longer stream and couldn’t look at anything on our phones. We tried Verizon and AT&T.

I got zero service at the game.

I have VZ and had good service, but I used Razorback WiFi, as it was quicker. I’ve used it for years, so my phones know to automatically access it.

I have used it many times before as well (including Rice) and expected it to log right in but I got stuck like others mentioned where the log in page just froze on Saturday.

What’s funny, is my son sitting beside me had the same problem as you did, I had good service all game.

I haven’t been to a game at RRS since '96 but Wifi and cell service were both terrible then. Doesn’t seem to have improved much.

Huh? I remember visiting with you during the Missouri game the last time we beat them in Fayetteville.

Might want to invest in some Prevagen, Jeff.

Chip, maybe you should invest. Our last win over Misery was 2015.

Which, I believe, is much more recently than '96.

Gotcha. I seem to jump decades like that occasionally.

I have Verizon and had good service in the South end zone….hey, talk to an account manger at Verizon customer service….I bet they will forgive your penalties if they think you’re leaving. I know that I call, about every 6 months, Dish and ask for an account manager to ask for all the specials…typically I can get a reduction in my bill…sometimes up to $40/month.

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