I have a chance to buy 2 Hogpen tickets for Sunday

I hope it doesn’t go to Sunday (and that being because we have won games 1 and 2!)

If it doesn’t, are the game 3 tickets refunded or is that just the risk you take when you buy tickets for the Super Regional?

Depends on how you buy them.

Typically, tickets purchased through a verified seller (NCAA website) or re-seller (Ticketmaster) will refund the face value of the ticket for sporting events not played due to a series already ending. They simply refund the money to the credit card used to purchase it (less their fees of course).

If you’re paying cash to someone that acquired the tickets who is then transferring to you, you’ll have to be able to track that person down because they’ll get the refund.

For those of us who got tickets through the university, the ticket cost was a total for all 3 games. We won’t get any refunds if there are just two games.

Thanks! We decided to pass. I am REALLY hoping we win this thing in 2 games!


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