I Hate Yellow Uniforms

I don’t want to root for Alabama, but I just can’t yell for Tennessee; can’t stand them since 71.

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Yo may need to adjust the color setting on your TV, those aren’t yellow uniforms.

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They’re pretty dang close to yellow. The most pale shade of orange you can produce. Good ole Velveeta orange.

I think they are closer to baby aspirin orange than they are to Velveeta. Clemson’s Orange is OK, but orange jerseys should never be paired with orange pants and helmets. That’s just too much damn orange.

Tennessee orange is suitable for deer hunting, highway cleanup crews and the county jail. Multipurpose ugly.

Tennessee does need to put a dash more orange into their color. It does look yellowish on the tube.

I was at that game in '71 in Memphis, a teenager then. That was when I acquired a strong dislike for a secont UT!

Yep. That cheating taste never goes away. I am torn when they play ola miss because I would like to see them both lose.
1-11 for each in normal seasons would be wonderful.

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