I hate we have seen the last of Heston kjerstad

In my opinion he is the best hitter I’ve ever seen come through here,just an amazing talent pretty much the very first game be played.

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That was the first thought I had when I learned the season was cancelled. I feel for all those kids, especially the seniors, but I also hate it for selfish reasons. Razorback baseball & so many of its players have given me so much pleasure. I just feel kinda empty right now.


What has happened is tragic for a lot of reasons and that’s for sure one of them. It’s a year of lost eligibility and practice for the entire squad, the entire college baseball world. Seniors lost their senior season. Draftable juniors lost their chance to shine and hit pay dirt in June. The younger players lost a year of development. There are just so many aspects of what has happened that just sucks. That’s a word I don’t use much, but it seems to fit.

Yeah it’s tragic all the way around and hopefully the last time we ever have to go through it.

I think Kjerstad was going to be the SEC player of the year, maybe a finalist for the Golden Spikes Award and Howser Trophy. Very sad to see his career potentially come to such an abrupt end.

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I will be glad to hear the medical community come out and say they have the vaccine to control this virus!

me too. I’m afraid we’re at least a year from having one available, though. That seems to be the scientific consensus. The glitch comes from the time needed to test the vaccine more than the time likely needed to develop it.

The good news is that Dave Van Horn continues to recruit good players to Fayetteville. If I was buying stock in Arkansas baseball, I’d keep buying.

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It will be interesting to see if the draft is
affected with so many games not being played. I assume high School is not playing games either…we have an incredible amount of talent commited hopefully we can get them all to show up and play for us.

Today I spoke with a friend who has a daughter in her Senior year at a small college in Atlanta. She is the number 1 player on the tennis team and was having a great, great season. Plus she is president of her Senior class and president of her Sorority. This week the tennis season was canceled and classes went online and all group meetings were canceled for the remainder of the semester. They probably won’t even have a graduation ceremony where she is in the running for valedictorian. She has also been chosen to go to Italy for a summer internship. Look like that won’t happen. She was devastated by all of this. Just one of thousands and thousands of stories like this across the nation and world. Very sad.

A lot of dreams and hopes going down the tube now. I know it’s best for the livelihoods of everyone. But it’s still a sad state of affairs taking place all over the world now.
Sports are menial now (for us fans) in comparison to the big picture. Be so glad when all of this is behind us, but may take a while to have full recovery though.

Heston has become one of our favorite Razorbacks. He will be remembered and followed.
The silver lining is that I have finished two books this week and the most impactful one, ‘Spark’ by Dr. John J. Ratey is a powerful and informative exposition on the importance of exercise-highly recommended. The one I am enjoying immensely now is ‘Thinking in Bets’ by Annie Duke-a brilliant mind and the book is a joy to read. Her book reminds me of Michael Mauboussin’s, ‘More Than You Know’ and Benoit Mandelbrot’s, ‘The (Mis)Behaviour of Markets’. These last three books will open and challenge your mind in a positive way and possibly improve your trading or investing. If you are familiar with these three authors then you will love Nassim Taleb’s book’s: ‘Fooled by Randomness’, ‘The Black Swan’, ‘Antifragile’, and ‘Skin in the Game’.
That’s a partial reading list for silver-lining market mind miracle grow.

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You folks expressed my sentiments exactly.