I hate to say it

But Muss has to stop scheduling like he’s still at Nevada. I get trying to schedule mid majors, who play different styles, to prepare for the tourney, but we got exposed today. We lost a game today, badly, where we had 75% of the crowd. I know we won in KC, but that is looking more and more like fools gold.

And then I look at Bama. Oats looks like he is taking all comers. He has 2 huge W’s and a top 10 ranking to show for it in the last week.

All I know is Coach Richardson would play anybody, anywhere. Muss might want to talk to him about scheduling coming off an Elite 8.

I love Muss. I love his recruiting. But his scheduling at Arkansas has to get better. We are not Nevada. We could, and should, play a big boy non-con. We should never be in a position to lose 2 poll spots after winning 2 games. Can’t happen. Muss is a smart guy. Hope he learns to schedule better.

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I agree 100 percent. Like Mike Anderson, he likes wins over possibly losing. He also needs to handle the post game presser better when he loses. Blaming point guards for shooting too much and then pointing to one turnover and naming the player as the key to preventing them from coming all the way back is a no no. He is much better at coaching than Mike Anderson but I don’t like to see individual players thrown under the bus publicly because you did not get them to do what you wanted.

They got outplayed and out coached.

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he just said in press conference what everyone knows. truthful. but he recruited this bunch of transfers. that is his blame.

You would certainly know best about this Jeremy, but it did seem like when CNR knew his team was loaded he scheduled to really push them and get them ready for post-season. We played some big teams. But in years where he had more newcomers, it seemed like we played a softer schedule.

This particular team isn’t ready to play the big boys. It’s frustrating to me. Our length is better but it’s not really showing up defensively, especially on the perimeter. We don’t cover the passing lanes well. For the most part, it has been a good rebounding team but it wasn’t yesterday. To make up for our lower shooting percentage, they are going to have to really be good on the offensive rebounding end.

When you win you get a target on your back. How do you handle success and expectations come into play. Muss will be fine as this is typical of his coaching to try and test things before settling on what he thinks is best. It takes playing real games for that to come together. He and the team will benefit from yesterday’s game. Muss is competitive and shows his feelings all the time which is a good thing in the long run. The SEC will be fun to watch this year with all the talented teams.

I agree with scheduling. Would like to see us play a major top ten program or two for sure.

In my view the issue isn’t schedule as that happens in advance of seasons etc.

It’s personnel this year so far in my opinion.

Were the right evaluations made of transfer portal and should more consideration have been made to attempting to retain Smith and Tate.

And now we are where we are so only way forward is to take what personnel you have and make a winner, which in our league and with our expectations means high level ball.

If it’s possible with this roster, hopefully yesterday was a wake up call to more aggressive half court O sets and Better D.

It’s a balance. When you have a new team learning together I think a softer schedule helps. If we had the same team coming back we would have tried to get a tougher schedule.

Theirs enough blame to go around after the loss yesterday no doubt, we never was in the game in reality. We did narrow their lead a few times but we’re playing on our heels and was beaten in all facets of the game. I did not see one thing yesterday that I could hang my hat on that stood to say we should have won the game. It’s only one game and I don’t believe they were the more talented team but they played team ball and executed a good game plan. Anxious to see how the next few games goes and if we can regroup as a team including the coaching staff and I add them as I thought we would see something different after half but I did not. WPS

And I thought I was negative. Yes the loss was embarrassing. That happens to most teams. It’s just one game. The season isn’t a bust. We will be competitive in the SEC. we will most likely make the tournament. The talent is there to be a very good team and make a run in the tournament. Are pieces missing? Does this team need to play as a team and not just individuals? You bet. Miss knows all this and will adjust to compensate. Hopefully in the off season he gets a big man in the portal.

I believe Scotty mentioned in a Podcast that Muss has very little to do with the scheduling right now because it is set up for the most part several years out. Maybe Scotty can elaborate…

What did he say in the presser exactly? Is it online to watch anywhere?

I hate being 0-10. … Oh, we’re not? Could have fooled me.

Muss also has a top three class and has said the transfer market is more competitive.

What does more competitive mean?

I think by “competitive” Muss meant that the transfer market is getting oversaturated with an increasing number of lower quality players from smaller schools who all believe they can step up and play at the Power 5 and Group of 5 schools. This means that the available pool of higher quality players is shrinking, but the demand for these higher quality players from the major schools isn’t. Basically, the talent pool in the transfer market is getting watered down, much like what happened in the juco market starting in the late 90s/early 2000s.

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Bingo! Muss was a pioneer in the portal, but he sees the writing on the wall now. Everybody copied what he did, and now the portal is flooded with delusional kids. I think Muss will be way more selective in the portal going forward.

Muss said it ask him jackass

Muss I think going forward will focus mostly on high school kids + player/role development. I’m pretty sure the days of bringing in 3 or more players from the transfer portal are over. The coaching staff will be, as you posted, much more cautious and selective with transfer players. I think this is good for the long-term sustainability of the basketball program.

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I made the comment on the podcast that it will probably be another two years before the schedule is entirely put together by this coaching staff because the early-season events (Hall of Fame Classic, Maui Invitational, etc.) are scheduled years in advance.

Minus the two games in Kansas City, this coaching staff was responsible for this year’s schedule. It will be the same next year with the exception of the three games in the Maui Invitational.

Thanks for qualifying, doing two other things while listening can lead to headaches and wrongness.