I hate to even post this

Bc it’s clearly a major troll job, but the “University of Arkansas-Fayetteville” thing is weak. Just a bunch of weak garbage.

I wish someone would tell us who implemented if so that we could respond, appropriately.

I’m with you, I have finally cancelled my subscription to the Dem-Gazette. Wally is not a problem for me because I don’t read the guy. But this @Fayetteville stuff is it for me.

Totally agree! I’ve read that this season. This morning it hit me that their trying to make some statement. Or suggest that the Hogs identity within the state is competing with another school. Don’t know why exactly but it’s purely BUNK!

Same thing went on in Louisiana with University of Louisiana @ Lafayette , @ Monroe etc… This situation was a true identity issue. Lafayette finally won the right in court to be called just the University of Louisiana Ragin Cajuns. In this case it’s believed LSU had a lot to do with the @ Lafayette etc… because LSU obviously is the states school most identify with in sports. Someone / some people at LSU are worried they might lose their dominance within the state I guess. LSU has nothing to worry about. It is one of only a hand full of athletic departments that 100% stands on its own funding. ZERO lack of support & some of the toughest media/fans on LSU’s programs. They have Bama envy-- that much more too since Bama got Saban as coach.

I agree 100%. However, I noticed one change that’s at least accurate. They replaced the “at” with a comma. The title of our campus (when it’s necessary to distinguish it from the other UA campuses) is Univ of Ark, Fayetteville. It’s NOT Univ of Ark AT Fayetteville. I wrote the editor last week to point that out. I have no idea if my letter effected the change, but at least they made that change.

But to your larger point: the whole idea of putting the “Fayetteville” into the story is awkward and stupid. I understand UALR might be upset they have to use the LR designation, but that’s absolutely necessary to tell the reader who he’s reading about. No one has that problem when talking about the University of Arkansas. Everyone knows it’s the one with the Razorbacks–especially when the story is about the Razorbacks. When the NCAA selection show comes on next week we’ll be identified as “Arkansas.”. Everyone will know who that means. If UALR were chosen it would say “Arkansas-Little Rock” and everyone would know who that is.

This isn’t about clarity. The ADG did just fine from 1971-2017 without needing the “Fayetteville” added to every damned story. This is about some sort of political correctness. Either to placate UALR or ASU or to reduce the UA to their level.

I think I’ll start referring to the UofA as THE University of Arkansas.

This was a decision made by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette newsroom. You can email Jason Yates (jyates@arkansasonline.com) or me (mojones@nwadg.com) and we will forward the complaints along. You can also go through the newspaper’s letter to the editor protocol here: http://www.arkansasonline.com/contact/voicesform/

But why did it happen? No rhyme or reason or just because they can?

It’s an old newspaper style that wasn’t enforced for years on the sports page. Stories about the Fayetteville campus have used the UAF explainer for as long as I can remember. Now it is being enforced on the sports page.

Does the paper intend to refer to universities outside of Arkansas in the same manner to be consistent, I.e university of Georgia, Athens; university of Florida, Gainesville, Arkansas State, Jonesboro?

Just curious if the paper intend to be consistent so as to not jeopardize its integrity??

The style applies to schools in the state of Arkansas.

Didn’t UALR decide just to be Little Rock? ASU is A State, everyone else is Div 2, so it is definitely disparaging the Hogs.

So you will say Arkansas State University, Jonesboro?

Also, why is it specific to just within the state of Arkansas? Why not stay consistent with other schools outside of Arkansas?

And last question: why is specific to the sports page? Universities in Arkansas are referenced in the paper outside of sports.

I don’t have all of those answers; just passing along what I do know. That’s a newspaper rule and my time is spent trying to make this site the best it can be.

I hear ya, but if I worked for this paper, I would want to know these answers. You will put this job on your resume, I presume.

Are these rules just for writers who are writing articles that will end up in the paper and/or on Arkansas Democrat Gazette.com at Little Rock (a little dig). Are you, Clay, Dudley, Richard and Jimmy allowed to leave off “at Fayetteville” after University of Arkansas for articles on this site only? Or, as owners and your bosses, are they demanding that you all include that in your “just for Whole Hog” articles?

ADG owns this too! Since they don’t refund money I’m hanging out here until December and then I’ll get my hog sporting news some where else. The paper stinks!
I will never buy another paper from them.
The editor that made this decision needs to get hungry.
If the market starves him he may see the light. WPS!!!

What integrity?

Can’t tell that I’m still bitter about the events of October 18, 1991, can you? The snark still comes out occasionally…

I appreciate the fact that you are trying to answer the mail. However, I think we are still a ways off on the nirvana part where we all understand why this rule is in force for the University of Arkansas and not every other university or college. Surely you understand why this burr under our saddle will continue to rub us the wrong way. From what I’ve seen on here, lots of us have sent emails without getting even the courtesy of a reply, forget getting a reply that is understandable.


Didn’t UALR decide just to be Little Rock? ASU is A State, everyone else is Div 2, so it is definitely disparaging the Hogs.


Who? :wink: