I hate the term "must win" but is aTm

a must win game? Would a loss to an obviously dysfunctional aTm team be the final straw for those continuing to hold out hope for this staff?

It is a must win if we hope to have anything better than a mediocre season. Folks are getting quite tired of mediocre seasons.

I agree. Arkansas wins, Summlin won’t see Halloween on the TAMU sideline. Not sure about CBB if Hogs lose. The buyout may keep him around ,but likely on borrowed time.

I haven’t looked to see what time the game is, if it hasn’t been determined yet, I am betting we can all look forward to an 11am kickoff . Sad that will be the case playing at Jerry’s World.

A+M looked really good against UCLA for much of the game. I was thinking how good they looked as I watched. They folded, but they have some talent. We will have to play very well, given our squad talent, to beat them. As bad as we played yesterday on offense and special teams, we should not be confident about beating any SEC team.

There are only 12 games in the season. There are 10 left at this point. Yes, it’s a must-win. I don’t think you’d label Alabama as must win because no one is beating those guys these days. But the rest of them, I’d call them must win. You better have that mind set at this point.

A & M will run the ball down our throats. We are going to finish somewhere between 3-9 and 5-7. Right back where we were when we made this hire.

Yes, A&M is must win, if not Bielema will be 0-5 against Aggies and he knows this.

The game plan will be simple for A&M, they are going to line up and run right at Arkansas with the talented freshman Mond at QB. They have the talent to do that and hopefully Hogs can game plan to stop it…they have 2 weeks to prepare and they need to pull out all stops to get the win.