I Hate The SEC Baseball Tournament

It serves no purpose other than too make money!

It doesn’t matter; we are still a high seed and will be well placed in the tournament.

We better hope we stay a top 8 seed, we will be lowest of the 4 SEC teams. I’m not sure we are a lock

I am.

I was off by one game in my prediction. I really was concerned with our freshmen pitchers. I thought our offense would be fine. Boy was I wrong. Now, I would be shocked if we do anything in the regional. Sorry, I think we’re toast. :frowning:

Arkansas is a lock to be a top-eight seed, no doubt.

We quit scoring runs about three weeks ago. LSU and A&M were both down a starting pitcher and we still lost both series. Two more games like we have had lately and we will be eliminated from everything. Our offense has let the whole team down. BTW: Connor Noland ought to sue the team for non-support.

We better get our hitting shoes back on. We should have won this game but we did not play with much emotion.

Arkansas beat LSU 14-4 and 11-6.

“Mercy”…the sky is falling. :lol:

We ought to do like the PAC 12 and play 12 SEC series and do away with one non conference series and don’t have the tournament! This tournament did no good for ARKANSAS, Vandy, Georgia, MSU and it really hurt A & M and TN. A &M has probably gone from hosting to playing on road. TN has probably hurt themselves with a first round loss. As one poster said all it iis for is to make money and with AL not there I wonder how much they really make!

The real money is made from the TV broadcasts. Ticket sales are just gravy on top.

Go ahead and nit pick. What did we do in the LSU game 3 and at TA&M and in Hoover? Our last 7 games were offensively lacking.

I assume this is meant for me. I think there is a difference in nitpicking and correcting false information. Arkansas did not lose the LSU series and was not bad offensively in that series; it scored 25 runs (24 earned) on 27 hits over the first two games. It had a poor final game.

At Texas A&M, Arkansas had a poor final two games offensively, but in the opener it scored seven runs (all earned) on 10 hits, mostly against a very good left hander.

How many runs have we scored without the benefit of a home runs in the last seven games? Hitting has been feast or famine.

Not many. The two in the LSU game were not via home run and there weren’t any home runs in the first two games of the SEC Tournament.

Going off memory, that would be 12 of the last 20 runs have been via eight home runs.

baseball is a game of streaks
Bet we start a winning streak just at the right time next weekend.

The sky was falling when we lost first two games at Vandy. Had a pretty good winning streak after that.

Runs off of home runs still count. If you would have said Top 8 and 20 wins in the Conference before the season 99 out of a hundred would have taken it. Enjoy the journey!

I guess there are only a few of us that are concern about our chances even if we host a regional. The lack of offense production and key hits when we need them have become a real problem. Remember we were beaten badly by UALR and there going to be teams in our regional that can do the same thing. Right now, we are not playing like a top ten team.

Man, if only we’d stop hitting home runs, we might be a decent offensive ball club.