I hate the Rims!

The rims appear way to tighten this arena… you just about have to hit all Net. They are not very forgiving at all I know Gafford got one the bounce around in fall in butt hey look very tight to me… off to a pretty good start that we just got to keep it up.

Rims don’t make any difference with Harris shooting. With Gabe on the floor he’s done his normal live ball turnover for a Easy bucket!
We continue to switch with Gafford up high allowing easy passes into the lane and it’s open for them to score.

Another momentum shift, we need to turn it back to us before halftime, a lot of energy expended this half, probably going to really miss Simpson the last half. WPS

We need to find a way to get the calls on our offensive end! We have given Florida the lead by being stupid. Turnovers and the refs swallowing their whistle on our offensive end! Harris was a train wreck in the first half. His brick and turnovers are a reflection of the score. Give Gabe his props too for his live ball turnover and Florida basket.

Harris and Gabe provide energy. Can someone who loves stats provide our net scoring with them on floor?

Florida has a 2 point lead. Gabe has a live ball turnover that lead to a easy basket for Florida. He isn’t a scoring threat and Harris has more turnovers than points what’s your thought about their energy. They have rolls and when they fail to do their part you get more negative that positive from them.
Harris has 2 points.
5 assist and 4 turnovers. That don’t cut it

Gabe has 1 turnover. And once again 0 (zero ) rebounds.