I hate that we're a Nike school.

https://www.cnbc.com/2018/09/04/nike-sh … rnick.html

I’m assuming you put this up because of the Nike-CK deal.

You can find plenty to dislike about each of the major shoe companies - not just Nike.

But I am sure this is going to become a big thing because of the CK promotion push.

I’ve already send some biting comments against Nike and CK from one side of the discussion and a ton of support for Nike and CK, some from current Razorbacks, pledges and targets.

I will continue to wear Nike shoes and clothing because they are my favorite and I could care less about what I’m sure is to be a political football.

I agree DD. I like Nike products because of how they fit and work. I like Levi’s too and I’m not going to stop buying them because they are now supporting gun control. There are a lot of things Nike does to support others things (Susan G Komen ) but either way I’m not going to stop buying one brand if I like it just because they take a political stance I may not agree with.

WHATEVER CK does that’s his decision.

And BTW Nike shoes, shirts fit me and last years. And I mean smokes the competition.

IMO the swoosh stands for excellence.

1 more thought I could care less whatever anybody else wears…

Not a smart move by Nike. I figure between 65%-75% of the
viewing/buying public have a negative view of this move.
Poor marketing and it will further tarnish their image. It is
made even worse when you look at their theme and realize
they had other NFL players that actually joined and served
in the military and faced life and death decisions that make
Kookernut’s ‘sacrifice’ look limp in contrast.

I like Nike gear, but not a fan of this. It’s really puzzling to me. They know it’s a really bad business move, and that’s why I’m unsure of why they actually did it, unless there’s an underlying reason.

Bad, bad business move.