I hate rooting for Allbarn

But somebody needs to beat the FlopNecks.


Looks like Ole Miss is done and this might be a blow out. The Ole Miss back up QB looked pretty bad on his first series.

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Thee and me. OM isn’t the same without Corral. But I want the Webels to get beat.

I spoke to soon. Hopefully the refs help Auburn tonight.

If there’s a call that they can help Auburn out on they will!!!

I think Aubrun may be on their own tonight with the refs. The home office usually prefers that the higher ranked team prevail. I too hate rooting for the plainsmen. Unless they are playing OM.

ola ms needs to lose, I hope MSU beats them and whoever else they have to play.

I hate OM more, by a mile.

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It was hard to pull for Auburn, but I did. they are a pretty good team that seems to be playing well. Makes me feel good seeing ole piss go down. Hope they lose out.


Harsin is a really good coach. Those that have already awarded Alabama the West might have overlooked Auburn.

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one to notice, but when the Ole Miss WR went out with a pulled hammy, he was hurrying to get off the field so as to not slow down the offense…… and his injury was legit.

Watching the Rebel defenders continue to fake a leg cramp is beyond ridiculous.

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@hogstetrician I laughed out load at that. What a contrast. It’s too the point of being ridiculous.

The Bagmen got it done. If Corral is too hobbled the FlopNecks will lose some more. As bad as their defense is they have to win shootouts, and they need Corral for that.

Hoping to see them collapse.

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I noticed that Nix played much better against us than he did against OM. He missed several passes to open receivers by overthrowing them. If he had played in the OM game like he did against us, they would have blown out OM. He missed virtually no open receivers against us. We really should have beat OM on their field, with anything resembling some defense in the 2nd half.

Only time I root for Auburn is when they play TN. Ole Missus would/will get beat again as soon as someone knocks out Corral.


As bad as I dislike OM, at least we beat them on a regular basis. Auburn is my enemy… they cheat on the field (Refs) and off the field (bought the $160,000 minister’s son among many cheating channels). OM doesn’t have SEC front office help and a blind eye to their ongoing recruiting scandals. The difference in the two football teams, every OM fan, coach, and player thought we were going to make the two point conversion… they were scared to death. Auburn would never be worried, they knew an official would not let it happen to them. Now the OM baseball team, that’s an accelerated dislike on many fronts.

Auburn is getting some players back that were injured early and Nix does alright. I love a senior quarterback.

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