I hate OU

And OKie St more than any 2 teams on the planet.

They have combined to lose 29 games. So it’s a good year for you.

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Now why does the Sultan of Sherwood harbor so much animus toward institutions of higher learning in the dusty state?

It’s easy to have animus toward Mobilehoma. And the dusty residents thereof.

They got in the way. But CBS intervened.

I guess I’ve always been insulated from the dusty outsiders. When you grow up in the eastern side of the state, you look across the river for a school to hate. I enjoyed my trips to Little Rock every September to see the Hogs spank the boys from Stillwater. They were almost always the perfect guests. They took their paychecks and their beatings graciously, then went home. At least until they plucked Duck and Doakes out of the Natural State.

I’ve always despised mobilehoma. I have family who attended Okie Lite, so I usually pull for them. Unfortunately they couldn’t pull it off today.

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