I hate Ole Miss

I hate watchiing them celebrate in the OF. Now, the pressure is on to win the series.

So do I!!
But we had too many strike outs and too many called third strikes. We had our chances. 12 strike outs, not good.
Martin hit the ball well today.
Maybe we can win the series tomorrow.
Go hogs!

A game where the hogs failed to score early in the game! Casey Martin has a lead off double we get zero! Just one example. We took cuts out of the zone high.
Pitchers leaving the ball out over the middle of the plate to be take. Out for homers. Noland may have the worse luck of any pitcher this season. Trying to get him the win he was in the game one inning to long.

got what we deserved didn’t get 2 runs early in the game and it cost us.

Me too. Game we should have won