I hate LSU. I hate LSU fans

I hate that Hoover is close enough to red stick that a whole bunch of them can infect the stadium. I hate their luck. I just hate LSU

LSUcks.nuff said

Winning or losing this game isn’t going to change our national seeding BUT I just hate losing to them!

I feel the same way. We’re well into a top 8 seeding already, but I just want to beat the b**trds.

The way they are going, we’ll probably face them in Omaha. Do we dare hope for a rematch? I’ll take our chances.

I think LSU will get bounced in the regional next week. Those arms are going to be gassed from all the innings this week. I’ve seen it happen a lot before when a team gives it all to win the conference tournament.

If they are going to squander this run in the tournament next week, then I hope they leave Hoover without a trophy, too.

I don’t want to see them at any time in the post season because we are mental midgets when we play LSU… complete loss of confidence and swagger.

We won’t face them in a regional. They won’t put 2 SEC teams in the same regional. The earliest possibility is facing them in a super regional at Baum. It’s unlikely that happens.

Most all of my associations with Louisiana people has been very positive. I know that they showed up in caravans to help us with the tornado clean up here in Joplin in 2011. (As did the Razorback athletes) I don’t like losing to them, or any other SEC team. Seems like whoever we lose to becomes arch enemy #1 until the next villain appears. Time will tell if in fact they just didn’t do us a favor.

I’m hoping Ole Miss and LSU are still playing in extra innings with position players pitching when the selections are made. I hate them both! That includes the SEC commissioner.

I’m sitting here trying to think of something about your post to disagree with, but I just can’t do it. Try as I might to do otherwise, I can’t help but say, “amen.” :smiley:

I detest LSU and Ole Miss. Ole Miss is not one fifth the
program they believe themselves to be.
LSU on the other hand.

I hope the Tigers are the team smiling at the end of today.

I have a personal experience with LSU fans at Hoover; it was less than honorable. At Hoover the disability seating is marked but not reserved. At the opening of the gates a mob of LSU fans took all the seats available. I was in my wheelchair and a group of 10 LSU fans took all the seats to the left of me. One man carried a cane though he didn’t use it. The others were sitting with their “disabled” friend. Other people in wheelchairs had to sit in the back. The man next to me told another LSU fan to have me move over so that fan could move up. I refused. Did not get better after that.

Their sense of entitlement is off the charts.

That’s not just being a bad fan. That’s being a sorry human being! For the SEC to allow such conduct show just how bad their leadership is! If I would have been present there would have been a lot more than words. I’m a 100% disabled veteran. I don’t sit it the disable section anywhere I go yet! I try not to use disabled parking if there’s a spot close. We all need to show humility in life and concern for others.
It irritates me to hear about your experience. I will watch for this happening in the future when I’m present! Don’t ever let idiots ruin your trips any where you go!