I hate losing to a team like Charlotte

I know we have a good record & that this loss is unlikely to hurt us. But, damn, the mental errors cost us in this game. We gave them some runs & screwed up in a base running move.

I still hate losing to a team like this.

We were going to pitch several guys, they needed the work. The errors and lack of clutch hitting was disappointing, but not unexpected. It’s baseball, and conference games are much more important.

this team has a huge target on its back and needs to realize it.can’t just show u,and the other team run from you.its tough not to have a letdown but it happens,better regroup in time to play the Gators.

They came back down to earth. Errors, lack of hitting is a concentration thing. Hit the nail on the head, everyone gunning for us and if we don’t bring the A game good likelihood of getting beat.

It should have been played better but, they throw their ace and we give our bullpen some needed work… on to the Gators with some fire in the gut…

You have to be thrilled with the way Loseke pitched, I had about written him off for the year.

Lack of concentration will make any good team look bad. Learn from it. I wouldn’t want to have been in the locker room after this one with the coach. Lol

These games do matter (not as much as FL or any SEC). Your overall recorded is evaluated when it comes to Regionals, seeds, etc. You never know. this one game could be the difference in hosting or not. They all count and they all deserve the effort and concentration. hard to do for certain, but if we really want to go to OMA in June, we better take all games serriously. they matter.

I saw the scores. We must have had a serious letdown after the Kentucky series. Hope it doesn’t continue with the Gators.

Ditto & ditto. I was, however, surprised to see how poorly we played on the Astroturf infield.


… I was, however, surprised to see how poorly we played on the Astroturf infield.

[/quote]I hate those fields. Phil noted on the broadcast that it was hard for some of the batters. Many of them like to dig in at the plate, and they simply can’t do that on an all turf field. The only dirt is on the mound.

I thought we would win but I sure wouldn’t mess up the pitching for the Florida series to get the “W”. The baserunning mistakes and errors need to stop!
I’m not a fan of the AstroTurf fields in any fashion.
The hogs just need to focus and learn from their mistakes. If they don’t tighten up they may host a regional but not a super!
I hope we see a hungry bunch of hogs show up in Gainesville.

Baseball is a strange game! very common to follow up a huge scoring game with a game like yesterday that’s what made this weekend so unbelievable! very rare to see that many consecutive games where the offense was on fire…I didn’t see the game but I bet they threw a lot of off speed stuff .this has been effective on us before and takes u some getting used but they kept changing pitchers and never gave us a chance to figure the out.Fla will challenge us which might be the worst thing you can to this team,we can hit the Fastball!!


I hate those fields, too. It’s just not baseball to me. I don’t mind an astroturf infield so much if the dirt areas are made up of real dirt, but the brown turf that’s supposed to look like dirt is just awful. I doubt it was a difference maker yesterday, but I can see how it’d get into the heads of players who aren’t used to it.

My hope is that this will be a wake up call and help the team to focus on
the team coming up.

Probably just a case of playing down to the competition. Seems like we’ve hit well against better arms. Most times, it’s just as hard to adjust to slow pitching as it is to faster. They are used to the offseason arms of Knight, Campbell, and Co. If Kentucky was any indication of that, we’ll be in good shape.