I hate kentucky

Since 1978

I hate Kentucky also. Nothing more needs to be said.

Me too.

Yes. X1000.

The following can kis my tail:
Rick robey
Mike Phillips
Goose givens
John calipari
John calipari again
Monk’s brother
Big blue nation

Their basketball fans in my experience are even more arrogant and insufferable than Bama football fans. You can never get them to say anything good about anybody on another team. Generally any time they lose it was a fluke, and the other team got lucky.

i know that i’m dreaming;but really wish that someone would produce the proof that cal and "little blue nation"have been cheating for years and that they (the NCAA)can’t ignore it and have to take some kind of action.i mean how much longer can they keep getting all these 1 and dones and not have the APR affected by it or as the 2 former Arkansans have stated…strictly a business decision to go there.just my 2 cents worth…and i hate kentucky too.

What a understatement…

This made me laugh so hard.

Totally agree with this list. Looking forward to beating Big Blue the next few years. We are closing the talent gap with these next few classes, and I can’t wait to beat them again. Kind of like beating Bama in FB, except our BB program was on the same level as UK once upon a time.