I hate A&M

Just watching their fans gloat & watching the smirk on that Haffner kid reminds me of why I hate them.

I never thought we’d get blown out like this.

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Maybe Karma for that late dunk’ LSU. On the bright side, all of that luck we were building up to maximum just dissipated before the NCAA tournament.

Embarrassing loss!

They deserved to Smirk & Gloat. They outplayed us and out coached us! They played not to lose and loose. We got beat and they made us take it.

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Aggie war cry makes my skin crawl. Can’t stand them! However, they kicked our butt today and made us like it! Out played and out coached. Simply a pathetic effort by the hogs.

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They deserved to win. Smirking & gloating has nothing to do with that. They deserved to celebrate, they don’t deserve to smirk & gloat. Regardless, that doesn’t mean I have to enjoy watching them.

The question that came to my mind then was asked by the commentators was how did the Ags manage to lose 8 in a row. Doesn’t that fall squarely on the coaching genius Buzz?

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Read many a comment about not using ourselves up in a basically meaningless tournament.Sometimes it’s just not your day. We saved our legs for next week🤷🏼‍♂️

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I like Buzz Williams. The Aggies are similar to Arkansas in a lot of ways. They play with a lot of defensive intensity. Both of our previous games were hard fought. We were fortunate to win in overtime at home. I think they have a chance to make the tournament. They deserve to gloat after todays beat down.

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That is complete BS…late dunk! MERCY!

Their kids playing ball in a heated rivalry. Kinda like people saying he ran the score up in football, its ridiculous.

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