I had this one down as a Loss...

Impressed with the win!

I have to ask, what made you think we’d lose to Houston at home? Awful LSU waxed them by 20 last week.

Hogs had a good defensive plan to deal with some really impressive outside shooters. Also good recognition that Houston is a little soft on defense. Kind of nice to see the Hogs be the more physical team in a game against a decent opponent.

We should have been expected to win. But, I think Houston is better than you imply.

They will probably finish near the top of a very good basketball league. Dotson and Gray are legit. They return 3 starters from a 22-win NIT team and are picked behind Cincy, UCONN and Smu and ahead of Memphis, Temple and others.

LSU shot really well and beat them handily but I expect they will win a lot of games this year barring injuries.

That said, we should handle them and we did.

Low expectations. Not trying to be negative. It wasn’t meant to be a negative post in any way.

As noted above Houston may not be the Houston of old, but I don’t think they are that bad.

I think UH is at worst an NIT team and could get into NCAA consideration.

Agree, Houston is a good team that will make a nice run in their league if they stay healthy. This was no gimme game, as the Vegas number of Hogs -5 1/2 indicates. It was a good win and a well played game.

If you are looking for anything negative that Mike can use as a teaching tool, it would be the last 5-6 minutes of the 1st half. However, the Hogs more than made up for that with their play in the last 5-6 minutes of the game. That “finishing off a tired team” reminded of some of Nolan’s better teams. Houston’s very good 3-point shooters had no legs left at the end.

I really wasn’t too concerned by the end of the first half. A good team, and UH qualifies, is going to make a run on you at some point, and they did. Maybe we made the run a little easier than it should have been, but we were only down 1 even after that. I expected our depth to take its toll in the second half, and it did.

Particularly when they are a good 3 point shooting team. That can equalize things in a hurry. It can really open the floor and lead to good driving lanes etc.

We done good in this game. It was a lot of fun to watch.