I had so much fun last night

Went to my first game of the Musselman era last night, and first b-ball game overall in a few years, and wow.

I have to admit, it was hard for me to stay disappointed about the loss because I just had such a good time.

The place was rocking and the team played so hard. Reminded me of the games my dad took me to back in the ‘90s when I was a kid. From the 80+ year old woman behind me standing nearly the whole game, to the beer soaked man on my left weaving together a tapestry of obscenities that would make Samuel L. Jackson blush, it was a lot of fun.

I think Muss will start winning these games, but I’m mostly just elated to have the passion back. I will be attending many more games in the future. A couple more this year, and I may even look into season tickets next year.

Hated to lose it at the end, but it was time and money well spent. Very excited about the future.

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I was there too, first game in a couple of years, and it was a lot of fun until about the last minute of overtime. Mason was absolutely awesome but you could tell he was running out of gas. I wasn’t surprised that Muss slowed it down with the lead because our guys’ needles were pointing to E.

I wasn’t there last night but was at the KY game and it’d been years since I’d been to a game like that. Yes, we lost but the way the crowd was into it, the players responding and the close game made it special. Like old times…

It’s fun to be truly excited about basketball again… hopefully this will last for a while. Hoping to be excited about football again and with today’s recruiting results… might be sooner than I thought it would be.

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