I had knee surgery on Monday...

Dr. Mark Powell, one of Arkansas’ team doctors, took care of it for me.

I am sure that some of you have seen me limping around lately and even using a cane at times.

Meniscus issues, floating bodies, some other issues because of my Psoriatic arthritis, including some stuff at the back of the knee.

It hurts like all get out right now, but no pain, no gain.

Start rehab on it on Wednesday.

May God bless you in your recovery process

You must have had meniscus tear. I had what they call meniscus sprain, I had to lay off playing tennis for two months. It was all natural healing.

I heard meniscus tear is painful. I feel for you. Hopefully you are on the mend. All the best.

Follow your doctors orders and listen to your wife.

And you’ll be back in no time.

Prayers for a full recovery.

A hard few months and then you will wonder why you didn’t do it ten years ago.

I will pray for you and hope you make a speedy recovery! The rehab is rough. Arkansas Orthopedic Specailty did both of mine. I don’t let VA do that job for me! It took a little while but I followed the rehab to the T. It won’t feel good at times both you will be proud you got it done in no time.
Throw your cane in the closet in a few weeks you won’t need it!

Praying all goes well in the recovery my brother…take it slow and easy. we not getting any younger.

Aloha DD,

How much of your knee situatin was due to your high school football career?


I doubt any of it.

But I tore in up as well as my head in the car accident I was in 1981 that eventually led to the arthritis I have had to battle with for the last 30 years or so.

Prayers for a speedy recovery DD and I hope that it isn’t too painful, but I know you are a fighter and this won’t hold you down!

Hang in there Dudley, I know how those bum knees from our younger athletic days feel. The cold snap lately sure doesn’t help either.
Praying for a speedy recovery for ya.

Good luck with the rehab Dudley, hope it gets better for you

Praying for positive healing progression. You have sure battled many issues. Your persistence and resilience are admirable. Mentally one tough hombre.

Will keep you in our prayers for a quick recovery. WPS

Good luck, Duds.

I’ve got some serious pain going on in my right knee. I’m afraid it is going to require some work. Soon.

Thanks everybody.

Praying for a perfect recovery.

Had meniscus surgery and a absolute frayed mess under my knee cap. Pain sucks. Be a good patient and get well soon.

Dr. Chris Arnold scoped both of my knees, at different times, and both were torn
meniscus. In six weeks you will be feeling great, so hang in there.