I had a dream last

Night that Brent Venables, DC from Clemson was hired as the new HC.

He came to my house and personally told me things were going to be different. :smiley:

Thought that was pretty odd, because I’m a big fan of Norvell here lately, but I like venables as well.

I still occasionally dream of female coaches - ha.

But I get your Dream of Arkansas fixing all the problems and becoming a more consistent winner like the 80s again.

Venables has always benefitted from sitting on programs that attract great talent.

Can he build resources to make Arkansas a top recruiting organization?

I don’t know.

Venables has also said no apparently to jobs in the past and has been a DC for some time now - longer than many.

I’m not sure he wants an Arkansas job where recruits don’t just fall in your lap.

Probably so, I just thought it was an odd times dream. I haven’t thought about Venables in a long time. I know he’s interviewed here before though.

Keep in mind that Long has a connection to OU and was there in Norman when Brent Venables was co-defensive coordinator w/ Mike Stoops from 1999-2003. Long was associate athletic director then. Venables would be a home run hire. He also won the Broyles Award in 2016.

This guy is as bad as Petrino.

How so?

This coming from a guy who wants to hire LANE FREAKING KIFFIN???