I had a dream last night

Where I was having a conversation with Hunter Yurachek.

I rarely remember my dreams. The dreams I do remember are almost never about sports, or the Razorbacks. But there I was, talking to the AD. I don’t remember the topic but I bet I was about to bring up playing in WMS. Or not.

Probably was telling him what a Great Idea it is, especially if it’s against A State and they win.


Yup, right after I signed that 10-year contract for a skybox at RRS. Equally likely.

Here is my guess Jeff. You were telling the new AD that you’re happy he (and JCP) hired CCM and that Gus turned us down. Because if Gus had come you would have boycotted Hog football.

I would not have boycotted but I was very happy ole Gus parked his bus on the plains.

Might be right there.

I too had a dream
That all the Razorback fans
The pro Rocks and anti Rocks
And even those who do not care
Woud march together arm in arm
Hand in hand
Calling the Hogs from
The mole hills of the Delta
to Mount Magazine
And I had a dream
That the manufacturers and the marketers
Of our sporting apparel
Would finally get it right
And our only colors
Would be Cardinal and White
And the anthracite and the tusk stripes
Would at last be burned
Paving the way for the
Classic D-Mac uni to return

I don’t dare write about my dreams. No one would want to read them anyway. But they would likely be about fly fishing.