I guess....

That feeling GeneralHog had of the Razorbacks winning the SEC Tournament was just indigestion and a lot of gas!! :smiley: :lol:

master of soliloquy needs no audience or believers… Im in Nashville and had no interest in watching live or on television. Sad but true. First time to never make an SEC tournament in Nashville with the Hogs playing.

Yuck it up buddy, I can take it, but I’ll guarantee I’ll have the last laugh eventually over some posters here.

I actually thought you were going to be right. Just the wrong team. I really thought the women’s team might just pull it out last weekend.

The ladies would have had a better chance today against Florida. They play with heart and energy. Unlike the men whom fall flat after building a small lead.
The ladies were tired and made to the final game and they were fun to watch. I can’t say the same thing about watching Harris and Gabe together throwing a small lead away with poor shot and turnovers. The wrecking crew showed up today.

The ladies couldn’t play against the men, but they are better coached and more fun to watch.

This hasn’t been a good year for our men’s basketball. However, in my opinion, if you don’t like this year, you will like next year even less. Gafford’s gone and no one to replace him. I don’t know if there are any good players that haven’t already been signed. Mike may sign a couple of rejects that others have passed on. Therefore, let’s hope they turn into miracles.

Thats a cheap shot JB you’re better than that…General was just saying what he thought would happen and nothing wrong with that.we all been wrong before.

Please explain what you mean by “ having the last laugh”? What would have to happen in order for you to “ have the last laugh”?

i will hand it to general hog. he stuck by his guns and you gotta admire him for that. after the last 4 games, in the back of my mind, i thought they actually had a chance to achieve that. i should have known better after watching this year. now general and i disagree on anderson, but im not going to slam him for boldly sticking his neck on the line. hang in there general. you’re a good fan.

It’s more directed towards certain posters who do nothing but dump on the team.

I understand that it’s directed to certain posters, but that still doesn’t answer the question.

Again, what has to happen for you to be able to turn the tables on these posters to have the last laugh?

If Anderson is retained, competing, if not being right there, to win the SEC next season.

To be clear, you’re talking about winning the SEC in basketball? Just jacking with you… I can’t find any fault in the General’s optimism.

Thanks for answering … either winning or being a top team in the SEC next season.