I guess we’ll have 3 in the Super Bowl...

…either way. Flowers, Wise and either Peters or JWright. I realize Peters wouldn’t play but he would still get a ring.

On this subject, we think alike. As I was watching (casually and intermittently) the games yesterday, those are the same hog-colored glasses I was looking a them through.

Yes, the first game ended up having a dramatic finish; the second, no so much. But I just never have gotten into Pro football the way I am into college football.

Now, that is not an indictment on those (and I know many of them) that love the NFL and/or feel it is superior to college football. It just isn’t . . . to me. When I watch the NFL, it’s usually to see how specific college players are fitting in (or not) at the NFL level. In particular, our ex-Hogs. In almost every case, I’d rather see a former Razorback have a good game than see one team or the other win.

As a luke-warm Dallas Cowboys fan (been watching them on TV since the early 60’s), I will admit to wanting to see Philly lose yesterday. But the outcome wasn’t a big deal to me. For the same reason, I will be pulling for New England in the Super Bowl (and I know there are a LOT of anti-NE fans out there).

I feel for Peters. He has had a great career playing for some bad teams. This is clearly the best team on which he has played and he suffered the gruesome injury.

I’m very impressed with Philly. They’ve had a ton of injuries this year to key people. Peters; injured left tackles tend to get QBs killed. Carson Wentz. Darren Sproles, who can still ball a bit at his age. I count 11 Eagles on injured reserve. Pats also have 11 on IR, but that list doesn’t include their QB, their left tackle or an all-purpose back (it does include Julian Edelman though, who can also ball a bit).

Before Sunday I would have thought NE would be a big favorite. They’re still -5.5, which is a decent sized line, but I might have thought double digits. I think Philly will make it very interesting.

Don’t forget Cody Hollister is on the Patriots’ practice squad so that’s four Razorbacks in the Super Bowl, although only two will play.

Just saw an interview with D Wise’s parents on a Dallas Ft Worth tv news channel. They said he’d get his masters degree this summer in physical therapy.

The sportscaster wondered aloud how he got away to Arkansas. Hehe