I guess that I'm famous now

The SEC country reporter got most of it right.

3 fans who stayed at Baum until the wee hours Monday

That was a great read! Stayed up here in SC to the end of the game. My wife thought I was crazy but it’s just hog fever! Marty, I have been thankful for your updates on the games on website, thank you for doing those!

Jeff H.

You are famous now! Ha! A very good insight into Hog fever and the passionate fan base. Wish I could have been there. I did stay up and watch the game until it’s conclusion. My wife thought I was crazy. It would be interesting to know how many fans across the country were watching the game at home. Didn’t have to brave the elements, but did have to sleep a little later Monday morning.

Congratulations Mary! Love the truck.

You missed the “t”, but that’s OK (this time). :smiley:

The truck belongs to the BaumBQ Squad. It was Tim Kring’s originally. When Tim went to Virginia Tech, he “sold” it to Ben Crozier, but effectively it belongs to all of the BaumBQers. My name is not on the grill as one of those “Cooking our way to Omaha”, but I do contribute.

Opps Marty…sorry. I had a 4 year old grandson crawling all over me and didn’t review my post. But a great picture! I’m retiring in 26 days and plan to get home more. Hopefully I can catch up with you and chat at a game.

Thanks for all you do on this board!

Loved it. Even though you have always been famous around here,
Now you have done gone Nationwide / Global !!!

“Go Hogs”