I guess our inability to replicate Flowers, Philon, & Spaight got 'splained............

…a little better in the Super Bowl. We basically had the future Super Bowl defensive MVP playing for us that year and the other two are also still in the pros. It may be a very long time before we have that caliber of defensive players at those three positions (or a similar group in the new 3-4 scheme) at the same time. Could Agim, Greenlaw, and Guidry do it?

There’s always hope, and that hope will start to gain momentum in a few weeks. We’ll see how far into the fall it lasts. We have D-line talent but the depth will be an issue unless more of those redshirts under the radar turn the corner.

Flowers has been doing that a lot longer than just last night. He was one of the best pass rushers in the NFL since November.

I’m not a Petrino fan, but all of the drivel about him failing to recruit defensive talent looks sort of silly. Especially as compared to who was recruited to replace those guys.

Well, I don’t know that CBP deserves a lot of credit for these guys. Flowers was not offered by any SEC team, and might have gone to any SEC team that finally offered. Philon was an Alabama signee who was told on signing day that he couldn’t go on scholarship right away, and Arkansas was the only school with a spat left for him. And Spaight was from NLR and dreaming of playing for the Razorbacks.

I like CBP (not as well as CBB) but I don’t think the success of these three guys is indicative of his skill or effort in recruiting defensive talent.

If you break things like that down, no one ever gets credit. Because you can make a case similar to these for a lot of guys. These thee just worked out really well.

He found them and offered, and regardless of personal bias deserves the credit.

I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that CBB signed Philon and Spaight, not Petrino.

Spaight was a part of BBs first class, idk his date of commitment but I would imagine it was as soon as he got offered. So whether BB or John l offered idk.

But no philon was a petrino recruit for sure. Class of 2012

Flowers, Philon, and Tevin Mitchell were Petrino signees. I’d also argue the two safeties on the 2014 defense ( Gaines and Turner)were superior to the safeties Bielema’s staff signed to replace them. Chris Smith and Robert Thomas are Petrino signees that are still on NFL rosters.

Not saying his defensive recruiting was outstanding, but it’s better than what I’ve seen to date from Bielema. Hopeful these last two classes will change this.

Spaight was offered by Bielema shortly after he took the job in December 2012.

Spaight was not recruited by Petrino. Ever. And not by John L. Smith’s coaches. I give credit to Steve Caldwell for signing quite a few defensive ends. He is a recruiter.