I guess I am the only one here

who thought the Hogs played their best game of the year today. They actually compted and
gave much more effort. They made plenty of mistakes but they were still in the game until the end. I did not see this much effort yet this season.


I don’t know that it was their best game, but the players appeared to play harder than any other game this season. Lots of head scratching mistakes, terrible refs, questionable play calls, etc.

Considering we were down to our 5th QB, out of TE’s that could catch a football, and being led by a lame duck coaching staff, the players still played hard. I have no problems with the players (except maybe the after the play penalty by Agim).

A+M was our best game, in my view. We looked kind of like an SEC team.

We did try hard today. We just are not well coached, make too many mistakes and don’t have a quarterback. This year was a waste of my time and money, but I will give it another go next year.

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I believe it was mentioned during the game thread many times.
I know I gave them credit for playing hard and showing heart at least a couple of times.
You can’t blame the kids for much of what is wrong with the football program.
They just wanted to play football for Arkansas, they can’t control poor coaching over the past 5 seasons. The only thing that they can control is their effort and execution.
Adults are to blame de the current demise of the program and they know who they are.

Today was a very winnable game with any of our other quarterbacks. The Lindsey kid showed why he has always been 5th team under both staffs.

Just another loss. Chalk this one up to Morris and rolls all the way back to Smiley! John L got the hogs headed in this tail spin and I’m beginning to wonder when it will stop. Oh course we have finally reached the basement and below Vandy in football so we have officially arrived!

As for effort I would agree. For heart and want too there’s plenty to look at and see that there were some to scared to hit or get hit.
We still have corners that can’t cover slick and never turn their heads and look for the ball.
We can excuse being offsides on 3rd and 11 twice. We can commit a personal foul after we had a stop to get the ball back! We let Missouri gut our defense with the run or pass and have no answers. This team fails to know how to win! Lack of leadership and discipline anywhere you want to look.
As for the best game of the year it was Texas A&M and that was a loss too with poor clock management by the staff and poor play calling!
I guess we were close!

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I agree.
The team played much harder for Lunney than they did for the idiot clown Chad Morris and they played until the end of the game.

Honestly he looked better than Starkel and Hicks.

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I thought we played pretty well, too. That’s especially true with all the injuries & illnesses that kept so many players out. We stopped their run game pretty well. The play that killed us was the long pass on 3rd down that led to their final TD. It was well-covered. The receiver made a great catch.

We missed & dropped passes, but generally played well. The effort was there.

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I don’t know if I would say the best but pretty close to the A&M game–might be the best defensive effort in conference. I appreciate the effort the players put in tonight, but, it just meant that they weren’t pathetic on defense like they had been the last few weeks–as much as it pains me to say so.

It was one of the best defensive games of the year. Only Portland State had fewer yards against the Razorbacks.

Offensively, it was not a good game at all.

Thinking about coaches out there, who’s his the best “balanced” coach available? Forget about OCs and DCs, who is the one guy that can just coach football on either side of the ball?

If the defense could have figured out how to get off the field on 3rd down, the defensive stats would have been a lot better this year.

I’ve never seen a team give up 3rd and long so many times. I’ll bet it was at least 50% of time.

I think it starts with lack of pass rush, especially when you just rush 4. It was huge loss losing DG. I thought 1 or 2 of the freshman DE’s would have been better on pass rush but they weren’t ready yet.