I guess I am biased for AR in baseball

really hurt me and tested my observation reality to acknowledge the following:

6th over 10 years in wins. Seems like we were better. Im still looking for a unifying and supported team that will probably be a winner, not so for BB or FB for both qualifiers.

Why isn’t UF listed?

You mean the first team on the list?

We were better for the most part, but remember 2016? (BTW, I’m still trying to forget 2016.)


If you leave out 16 we would climb a lot.
I had already completed a down load on that miserable year.

A normal 2016 year would have us ahead of Ole Miss. That would still put us behind FL, LSU, Vandy, and SC. That is right where I would have guessed we would be. All of those schools have had dominate runs recently.

Arkansas never has dominated the SEC like some of the others. It’s not uncommon to see Florida or Vanderbilt or LSU go 22-8 or 23-7 in conference play. The best Arkansas typically does is 18-12 or 17-13. Even in some of its College World Series years, Arkansas has not done well in conference play. It was 14-15 in the SEC in 2009. Add that up over 10 years and you’ll get a large discrepancy in wins.

Arkansas is 20 games better than Mississippi State in the loss column. There is some separation between the top six and the next eight. Baseball lists are generally done with winning percentages. You’d probably look at Texas A&M ahead of Arkansas at .531 instead of at the near bottom. A&M has been pretty good.

I’m not better off for reading this…

Here is the thing about SEC baseball, you only get to sprinkle in three or four other schools in the best 10 SEC schools to get the national preaseaon top 15. SEC schools will beat each other up and four make it to Omaha, but as many as 10 are going to be deserving of the NCAA tournament. Bank on it.

And the other thing; if you are above .500 in conference play, you WILL be in the “Dance” unless you have totally tanked your non-conference pre-season, which we have yet to do under DVH. That’s why we’ve been in every year except the 2016 aberration that has already by pointed out. I’m not sure any other SEC school can make that claim over the same period of time. Even LSU.

And the bottom line on regular season play, in college baseball, is that it’s ALL about getting invited into the field of 64. Beyond that hosting first round regionals and then Supers. But if you get in, you’ve got a legitimate shot. Many of our CWS appearances have come from Supers won on the road.

I notice we’re behind Ole Miss in that ranking, but I’ll take our post-season record over OM’s anytime. How many times have the Hogs been to Omaha in DVH’s tenure? How many times has OM been? (hint: once) We missed getting to the finals by one game when we lost to eventual winner So Carolina 7 or 8 years ago. And we all know about last year.

SEC baseball is strong. Several SEC teams have won it all in the past 20 years–LSU, SC, Fla, Vandy. We haven’t, but I still think we’ll do so before long. (I know the odds are always long on winning a NC, but I still like our odds as well as anyone’s.)

Three powerhouse football teams haven’t fared so well.

Slight point of clarification: South Carolina lost to Arizona in the finals in 2012, the year the Gamecocks eliminated Arkansas in the semifinals. South Carolina won the championship in 2010 and 2011. I’m not sure anyone was beating Arizona in 2012. That team was really good and went 10-0 in the postseason.

Okay. Thanks. I just knew we were eliminated by SC one game before making it to the finals. Forgot they didn’t win it all that year. (I stopped watching once we were out.)