I guess Dalton Hyatt is the odd man out

Of the great Arkansas Quarterback Derby. (Not to be confused with the great former Arkansas QB/TE A.J. Derby) Meanwhile in Columbia Mo, a kid named Taylor Powell looks to have a bright future with a program that has somehow vaulted past our’s, despite some significant obstacles. I never saw Dalton play in high school, but I did see Taylor Powell play. I thought at the time that he was pretty darn good. I assumed when we didn’t offer him that this Hyatt kid must be really special. Ahh what if? Good chance that TP would be next man up for a beat down had we offered. I guess things worked out OK for the kid.

Hyatt was not recruited for this offense. He seems on paper to be perhaps the most mobile, but if you can’t execute it mobility is pretty useless. Would Powell have been any better for Hammer Down? We’ll never know.

Yes, Dan Enos liked Hyatt more than he did Powell.

As I am friends with Powell’s dad, I was most necessarily objective about that one.

Daulton and Cole were stellar evaluations by ole Danny boy…

Enos may not be able to evaluate high school players, but Nick Saban thinks he knows something.


" he’s rated a 3 *, but if there’s a better QB in America, I want to see him"

they really thought they had a true diamond.

who knows, maybe 2 years from now we’ll all be thrilled with him, but so far he’s not ready to lead a team.


I thought CK looked pretty good last year in Enos’ offense for a freshman. Everyone knows from the bashing you put in every single thread on the board your thoughts on the previous staff, but IMO you are off base on Enos. Offense was not our problem the last few years, and I’d trade Enos’ offense for what we’ve put on the field the last three games in a heartbeat.

I like Enos - good coach overall. As for his evaluations of Kelly and Hyatt I’m not impressed. Kelly looked like a statute last year and was very inaccurate.

Big recruiting miss.


Give me a reason to care if I spell your name correctly.

I think it’s a sign of respect to spell someone’s name correctly. Carry on as you wish.