I grudgingly admit

I enjoyed watching that dollar store bowl last night. A real bargain basement experience. No, these were not big brand name football teams, but Beefalo and Troy put on a good show. There was some serious hitting and both teams were playing like the future of their program was riding on winning this game. Compare and contrast that with the Houston Cougar lay down earlier in the day.The third quarter was one of the flukiest things I’ve ever seen in football. The Beefalo Offense never took the field in the quarter, yet the Bulls managed to match the Troy Boys with a TD each in the quarter. In the end, southern speed trumped rust belt muscle, and the Boys of Troy hoisted the cheap, plastic, discount trophy over their heads. Troy coach Neal Brown, who is a pretty hot commodity these days, has announced that he is going to stay put in Troy for at least another year. He did not however, channel the spirit of the great Mike Newell and promise to bring a national championship to Southeast Alabama.

I watched the Texas 6A, Division 1 (tops in the state) Championship game between Galena Park North Shore and Duncanville, which will become an instant classic. The link below shows the final play, but does not include the numerous plays leading up to it that led to the improbable finish.

The play itself reminds me of DeCori Birminham’s “Miracle on Markham” catch.

https://usatodayhss.com/2018/video-no-6 … final-play

Maybe we will be good enough to play in one of these who gives a flip bowls next season.GHG!

Playing in one of those who cares bowls still gives you the extra practice time! I’d take any bowl game for the extra reps our young hogs now or any year as far as that goes.

It was a Great Game and a Testament of how the Well Documented Underdog can Amaze and Prevail.

Keeping the Blue Bellie’s offensive off the Turf in the 3rd Quarter was nothing short of Impressive as well as the totally unexpected on side kickoff and the first time I had seen that style used and recovered by the Kicker. Totally Impressive.

I can tell you and y’all for sure that a Whole lot of Folk’s in Alabama didn’t consider this, " Who Give’s a Flip" about Bowl.

Alabama is a State with a Whole Lot of Folk’s that Love Football and a Good Football Game, especially if it is an In State Team. UAB, Troy, Auburn, Alabama, and I’ve surely missed some College’s that have Very Good Football Program’s that are to be Admired and Aspired too.

Get behind Your State’s College Football Team’s and Stop being a One Team Football Fan. For those that say I’m a Fan of My Football Team, I say, “I’m A Good Football Game Fan”, cause I Love Watching College Football.

For those that say, “I’m a Little Bored With Alabama Winning”, I say Alabama Wasn’t Given Anything and Earned Every Bit of it.

For Those in the SEC, that Love Football, should give Alabama and All SEC
Team’s Respect and Aspire To and Appreciate every opportunity to Play and Learn from them.

Great Bowl Game’s still to be Played and Appreciated. Get a Beer or 2, some popcorn and enjoy.

Are You Ready For Some More Football