I got off the CBB bandwagon today

I’m not quite on the run-him-off bandwagon, but I’m on the fence and wondering.

So much for the spin about amazing and powerful November Bielema teams. Now the byline is Bielema November teams go lose to a basketball school that’s 3-8 and get blown out at home 38-10.

The Auburn game was bizarre. The worst loss in the SEC since Arkansas joined is not progress. The most rushing yards on the UA defense in UA history is not progress.

Then to follow-up to a big Florida win by a lackluster showing against LSU raised even more questions.

But I understand there’s been more re-building this year than fans want to acknowledge. So to close out with the big win at State and another at Missouri, and the Hogs are 8-4. So that’s real progress despite the ugly games against A&M, Bama, Auburn and LSU.

Not so fast. The Hogs leave Starkville and go lose to a team with a mostly empty stadium – a team that should have never been in contention after the 1st quarter.

To lose to this 3-8 Missouri team is inexcusable. Especially after that linebacker mocked us after he and his Mizzou got run over and over and over by Tennessee last week.

Was it just me or was there not an obvious lack of fire and desire by the Arkansas defense at times in the game?

The Razorback defense is in shambles. There aren’t enough negative words to describe how bad it is – especially against the long ball all day long. And to let an inferior team convert a fake punt on 4th down from their own end zone and then go downfield and score a touchdown? Really?

And who’s fired up to go the bowl game this year? (Rhetorical question.) Who wants to spend money for that?

And for those who don’t know, I am a poster who almost never says a negative thing. So that means things are very, very bad right now. This is a dark time for Razorback football — not even close to where this program should be in CBB’s fourth season. Lots and lots of questions going into next season. And I’m not at all optimistic.

Problem is if it’s an accurate assessment that this is not the right regime for Arkansas, we now have to endure a 2 to 3 year period of mediocrity, rumors and denials until a change can be made – setting Arkansas back even further.

And for those who have the simple broken record answer and say it’s not the coaching, it’s the stars in recruiting rankings – well, post away. Maybe it’s all of the above and we are all right. But remember this – coaches do the recruiting – that’s part of their job too. And if they don’t have the talent they need in year 4, then that’s a coaching problem as well.

I’m in the “we just completely implode too many times for it to be excusable” camp. This was just a comedy of errors. Clock management was a complete joke.

He said when he was hired that he wanted to do something that hasn’t been done at Arkansas and he has done that. He has gave us our longest conference losing streak in school history. He has given up the most rushing yards ever given up in a single game in school history. Since he has been here, we have a way of making the most average opposing QB look like a first team All American. There have been some things that have not happened at Arkansas previous to his hiring. Unfortunately, none of them have been good things.

When he says Uncommon, he means it apparently.

Exactly one year from now we’ll be discussing who will be hired as the next Razorback football coach.

Agree…done…more interested in his celebrity and building his brand and ;Being Bret Bielema "than coaching, Team is unfocused, undisciplined and completely leaderless. But…be sure to watch the replay of episode 3 of Being Bret Bielema…

We were warned not to show up… we didn’t.

I think that’s the worst part. A scrub ran his mouth and we let him back it up with awful play and awful coaching.

Our players should call up that linebacker with the big mouth and apologize

I seldom post anything negative, but that game was disgraceful and has ruined my day.

IF (a big word) you say anything negative about our team, you get lambasted by our posters…it has to come to THIS to be heard… Recruiting IS the problem and I do NOT believe this staff works hard enough!
and the comment last year about “being concerned about the health of players” being the reason CBB opposed the HUNH offense was the biggest smoke screen I have ever seen!

Absolutely look at some of the current 2017 players, it is an unimpressive class. You have 2-4 solid guys that may have the chance to play at other sec schools. But several of these offers have an extremely unimpressive offer list and don’t stand out on tape, these coaches are overly confident in their ability to develop and see things other coaches can’t. BULL, there is a reason why other coaches don’t waste their time on some of these three star scrubs, because their secondary would end up looking like ours, pathetic!!

I like BB and Jeff Long.

Would fire Jeff Long first for not creating a recruiting plan that compensates for recruiting definciencies.

Fact that you can’t recruit as well at Arkansas is not a couching fault.

It is a complete AD management fault.

Don’t jump off yet

While this was absolutely embarrassing to lose to a dead last team whose only SEC win is vs Arkansas

This is truly like losing to Vandy

We all knew this was going to be a rebuilding year and a growing team

This team just demonstrated it’s not mature enough to handle a simple business game like Mizxou

Mature teams win the games they are supposed to

Arkansas was not mature today

But I do think Coach Bret will Field A better team soon

Don’t jump off. Yet until you see what 2017 brings

this ^

Jeff Long can do one good thing in his career and can Bert right now. stop the bleeding and change the expectations period. heck maybe it would put some real pressure on Mike Anderson to watch out. I’m past caring if there are better coaches out there we could get. put the program on notice, mediocrity can’t be tolerated. we will hire a high school coach before we submit to 5 years of mediocrity. appears jeffy boy wants to pay millions for never yielding mediocrity tho.

The use of the word Bert detracts from what might be some valid points. It makes you sound like a Fool.

So your idea is to fire a coach that had previously won conference championships (I know, not the SEC, but still a P5 conference) and hire a high school coach? Yeah, that sounds like a recipe for success. But why go for high school coaches? They’re a bunch of has-beens. Surely there is a peewee coaching legend out there that can right this ship.

Sorry but “Wisco” is the ancient past. More ancient than Louisville is in Charlie Strong’s past.

Talking about what Bret did there is irrelevant and has no bearing on his tenure at Arkansas.

And there you have it. Just one more year. Welcome back to the Nutt era … hopefully there is a Matt Jones or McFadden in there to keep us all on the hook.

Amen. I’ve been down all day. Could feel it coming and hoped I was wrong, but nope, we were okay about being dissed in public and we showed pretty early that we lacked interest in pounding these guys. Just sad. I am not going to a bowl, and I had told my wife we would go just three weeks ago, since then LSU and this turd of a game, no thanks. I’m not even going to watch the bowl, I’m tired of taking a day or two to recover mentally.