I got my head straight about Jeff Long and Coach Bret

If you noticed I took a more even tone with Coach Bret a couple days ago

I got my head straight on Jeff Long too

Today the news is out and you can watch what is happening with University of Louisville and see why we are blessed to have these two men

Btw: Arkansas may be able to pick up some talent at Mid term - I suspect players will be allowed to leave and play immediately

Also - it’s FBI and Basketball now

With the top line you know Football is going to follow

Which means what will be left if Auburn when this is over ?

Let’s see

Let’s see what all the win at all cost people have to say NOW

I will take CBB over any of those who think Ole Miss was so great just to beat Ala
Now see what’s going on there. And basketball

We are good

This investigation is not over and expect Football to be next

I agree. Integrity eventually pays off. Ole Miss, Baylor made it hard to swallow that we weren’t winning more, but I sure wouldn’t trade places with them now. And, yeah, there’s a good chance some things will show up in other programs (football & basketball), too.

Jeff Long has proved integrity matters here. It doesn’t at Louisville. Their glory days might be about to end. (And just to be clear, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some issues come up at MSU & Auburn, either.) I want to win as much as the next fan, but I want to do it right. JL, MA, & BB all seem to be doing it right.

Amen. I’m proud to have Jeff and those coaches at Arkansas. It’s a tough row to hoe when doing things the right way, but it SHOULD pay off in the long run. Oh, and I will add DVH to that list.

It all comes down to an old saying: “It’s never wrong to do right, and it’s never right to do wrong.” That applies to NCAA sports as much as anything. I’d rather go 0-12 with integrity than 15-0 with a national championship taken off the board three years later by an investigation.

I agree 100%

But most on here do not care so long as they can say we won a NC
Look at Ole miss now they are in CYA mode
I always want to win and so long as it’s in the rules then do whatever u can
But to have wins and championships pulled like at USC is ridiculous

Love this thread!

Question to some:

What is the value of winning, deep down, if you know you cheated?

Taking the cheating shortcut to get a win or a bunch of wins means it’s not a game anymore. I will eventually get over losing a game that is fairly played. I still hate Texas for
blatant cheating to ROB our Razorbacks of a win.
I still hate Tennessee for the ROBBERY in the '71 Liberty
Bowl. Being present at those games burned the memory in my mind. I would not be sad if Texas and Tennessee ended each year with no wins.

Win at any cost equals no win.

For some the cheating is part of the game and winning is not getting caught

I expect we will see hammer fall on Football very soon

Can you imagine how the cockroaches at Auburn are scrambling right now to get out of the light?

It’s been well known for sometime now Auburn uses a “chaplain” out of a local church to pass payments to Student athletes. “In need”

I hope it all gets exposed

I don’t mind someone stealing the plays from the sidelines or reading the plays as they are sent in the huddle.
In baseball stealing the signs

To me that is sports but to pay players over and over to me is wrong and it we go there as a university then I will be done watching period.

I can watch that on Sunday and can not stand that game at all.

I’m all for paying ALL players money to live on and to buy the girlfriends dinner or what ever but it becomes like prostitution when you do it the way some are doing it

I don’t know if Auburn or Ala cheats , I mean do that get good players because of who they are or have been in the past?

If it was one that cheated I would guess Auburn, just because it means so so much for them to keep up with the Joneses .

Ole Miss was pretty easy to see hell even Stevie Wonder was saying WHAT??

If all the sudden we popped up at #3 in the recruiting rankings and had players from Chicago or Cali I would say we bought them

I’m ok with the chance to beat all the teams even if its a small chance without whoring us out for it

yeah, stealing signs in baseball is part of the sport itself. You’re right, that’s not what we’re talking about here. This is cheating any way you slice it. Like you, I hated the rules that prevented a coach, fan, or virtually any caring human being from helping some poor kid get a ride home, have a warm coat, or eat a meal without getting in trouble with the NCAA. Fortunately, those times have changed. The scholarships meet those basic needs & then some. However, if we paid each kid $100,000 per year to play on the team, there’d be some booster or agent somewhere figuring out a way to cheat to get a kid $110,000 to go to their school.

There is a certain inequity for places like Alabama. It’s easy for them mot to cheat because they enjoy such tremendous recruiting advantages. Ole Miss doesn’t enjoy those & when their recruiting classes went to the top, we all knew something funny was going on. And, yeah, I’d suspect that of us if we suddenly had a top 5 recruiting class. I don’t want us to cheat to get there. Even if that means more 7-5 seasons than 10-2 seasons.

It is not an either or. With different coaches and ADs, we have had both. However, with the current coach and AD, we are losers. Playing by the rules and losing doesn’t amount to much.

And as that kind of fan it will never be your type of team.

When have we been this super team you speak of??
3rd in the west and slapped by Ala and LSU

CBB was 3rd also and slapped by Ala and TAM

best way to get better is better recruiting in state and there has to be more than 5 D1 players.

That is what helped Nutt and Petrino really good Ark classes those years

Cheating to win is like hitting someone with their back
turned. I guess you would say that is ok if it means you ‘won’. Chickin s89t is what it is.

Integrity always matters in any pursuit at any time. Doesn’t sound like you worry too much about that though. Hope nobody is calling the FBI on you

Glad you mentioned that often overlooked fact. When there are few good recruits in Ark, we’re going to have problems. A Joe Adams & Jarius Wright et al players don’t come around that often. Ark isn’t producing the number of quality recruits as it did in days of yesteryear. (Or maybe we didn’t need as much talent to compete, I don’t know.) Regardless, we’re not able to stock up on Little Rock, Pine Bluff & Eastern Ark players as we once did. There just don’t seem to be quite as many as there once were.

I’ll bite my tongue & not say what I’d like to say. Instead, I’ll just say I strongly disagree.

I don’t agree with much he says, but this time I think you are being a bit hard. He simply doesn’t think JL and BB are the only high integrity options out there.

I have seen a lot of “What does the win at all cost crowd have to say now?” type posts.

I’ve not seen anyone on here advocating a win at all costs mantra. When Jeff Long talks about that it is such a strawman.

Winning at all costs has nothing to do with getting the ball at your own 40 yard line, having 1:47 left on the clock, 3 timeouts and sitting on the ball.

Winning at all costs has nothing to do with continually trotting Cole Hedlund out to kick FGs when he has shown no ability to do so on the big stage.

Winning at all costs has nothing to do with not hiring a special teams coordinator.

Did Nolan Richardson win at all costs? Did Houston Nutt win at all costs?

I think we can all be level headed about this. I don’t recall a big outrage at Mike Anderson when we lost Reggie Perry. I think most saw the writing on the wall there.

Being frustrated with the current football coach and athletic director does not mean one wants to win at all costs. It just means you think that we can do better. I’ve got no reason to think CBB is not a good person. In fact, twice CBB visited a young, dear, lifelong friend of mine, on his own time, while he was dying of cancer (and my friend does not live in NWA). For that I will always be grateful and I know how much it meant to him and his family. I’ve had to do a mea culpa in regards to CBB because in the past I have said he was disingenuous at times. I believe he has integrity. I also have no reason to doubt that Jeff Long has integrity.

I also don’t think either has done particularly well recently at their job that they are paid handsomely to do.