I got a huge bonus from the Hog Game tonight!

While I was watching the game on TV, I decided to set up my desktop computer to live stream the game so I could capture a permanent digital copy for when we won. Not only did I get a copy of the tough win, I got the huge bonus of a half time that spent most of the time going through the poor ole Kentucky upset to St. Peters. How sweet is that addition to the video? When I watch it years from now I get reminded how Cal and Kentucky were 1st round losers as a 2 seed to a 15 seed. WOOOO HOOOO!!!

Only thing that would make it sweeter was if a Texas loss had been in there too. Still, its a gem now in my book!!

Most times I go in and edit out the commercials and most of the non-game half time junk. This time I think Iā€™m gonna keep that half time. LOL


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