I give Muss a lot of credit

It was pretty late in the spring and the roster seemed set when Ricky Council hit the transfer portal. Muss made the difficult decision to take Jaxson Robinson off the team in order to give him a scholarship. That had to be really difficult since the staff had spent a lot of time recruiting Robinson and it seemed like he wanted to be here. There’s no doubt that the decision has paid off greatly. I give Muss a lot of credit for putting the success of the team above everything else.

There are probably some who would criticize him for that

But these guys all dream of being professionals

And that is the way Muss runs things. Ain’t nobody giving out participation trophies in the League


Ricky was actually the first transfer to sign on 3/16, then Brazile on 3/31, then the twins and, lastly Graham in early April. It wasn’t until May that Jaxson entered the portal. It appears that Graham was the transfer that needed Jaxson’s scholarship spot.

By the way, Jaxson has started for BYU in their first 3 games. He’s struggling so far on 3s, with 2-15 (13.3%). He’s got a nice stroke, so I bet he’ll get that fixed going forward.

Muss rarely misses in the transfer portal. I expect Graham to turn out pretty darn good. He’s just adjusting to real basketball effort.

My recollection is that Ricky was the last one to commit (not sign) and I always looked at that as Ricky having the last scholarship.,

I was happy to see Council commit, but also felt that was going to turn one of Dunning, Pinion and Ford into a portal candidate,

BTW, my memory is failing me but did KK go into portal after Ricky committed or before?

Cella, Jaxson Robinson, Vance Jackson are the three misses. I don’t know if that makes it rare or not.

You could probably add ibby but that 4 out if 13. He’s has some great ones. I say rare.

I’ll also ass that 4/5 starters in last years elite team were transfers and 2/5 the year before.
That’s impressive.

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You are right. He was the last to sign and the last one to commit. I don’t know why I thought he was the first. I do remember Muss was one of the first to contact him when his name hit the portal, but he didn’t even enter the portal until mid April. He also had his name in the NBA draft and ended up signing with the Hogs on the first day of the NBA combine, when he didn’t get one of their last minute offers to attend.

I was also under the impression, though, that he had actually committed to the Hogs, if he didn’t get drafted. Thus, his signing immediately on the day of the combine.

Well . . . all three of those you mention, I wouldn’t say all them were misses but when Muss saw a chance to upgrade he didn’t hesitate to upgrade. Jaxon starting at BYU tells you he wasn’t a miss. The DEPTH of talent on the back end of the roster I believe climbed faster than maybe even Muss expected which necessitated them moving somewhere else. There is very little letdown from 5th guy to the 10th guy on the roster. Man any of them can play and pretty much any school in the country would love to have them.

You got a guy like Kamani that played a lot of minutes last year that may be sitting on the bench this year(I think he’s going to get his minutes). . . . If he transfers at the end of the year would you call him a miss too?


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By your definition, it would be hard to call anyone a miss.

I am going by the scouting reports and what was expected of them. The ones I mentioned got opportunity to play and get in the rotation, but didn’t. For example, I wouldn’t call Chance Moore a miss because he never got a chance to play,

It seems Muss is only going for 5 star HS players going forward, and the other needs will be addressed in the portal. I do hate it for the kids we have lost though. College basketball today is brutal. Guess it’s gonna be a meat grinder for Dunning, Ford, and Pinion. I hope they all stay for stability and depth. Very different times since I sat on the bench.


I think it is 4 stars and up only that receive offers from Muss. However, it does seem like 5 stars only in this class. But I think just 5 stars is too limited of a recruiting base. Let’s see hiw he moves forward. I am not complaining if it is 5 stars only.

Did you see his quote earlier this week?

“We’re going to try to have a philosophy to go after high, high level high school players, like the two guys we just got. And then see where the roster is and then go from there.”

This feels like a more recent strategy change. I think this 2023 class is the first to apply. Now, you’re right - we’re gonna see some 4-star commitments. But, as you know there are typically 100 or so 4-stars. If we do take 4-stars, my bet is that they are top 50. There may be an exception here and there like Diop would’ve been (to help get Fall).

I read one article last night that said the addition of Diop pushed CU into one of the top signing classes in the country, so he ain’t exactly chopped liver.

You could be and probably are right. You always are when it comes to recruiting.

I took that quote to mean 4 stars and up. But your conclusion of Top 50 makes sense.

BTW, you may recall I had made a statement maybe a year and half ago that Muss does not even offer unless a player is rated a 4 star and as a result we will not see player development stories like turning 3 stars into high 4 stars in the Muss era. I was taken to task by some posters on this board. Even Dudley posted that Muss does his own evaluations and does not go by star ratings. Glad to see Muss confirm my take.

He’s sure quickly turned “Arkansas” into a viable Elite basketball program for today’s young kids.

No question about that. Recruiting, recruiting, recruiting,

I still believe that is true. If you notice, he and his staff are very heavy into following Nike and Adida spring and summer seasons along with other other all star events. In those events, you will find all the highly ranked recruits.

I believe he and his staff do their evaluations of the players in those events and Muss’ “board” is based on their own ranking of what they’ve seen. I’m convinced that Blocker was high on Muss’ board, probably even before his very recent rise in the rankings.

I will never believe he is a “star gazer” first and foremost. When he and his staff attend these events is when he establishes his rankings on his board. Generally those rankings will probably be close to the composite of the recruiting services rankings. In CEM’s own words, he said he also looks at character and fit for the locker room on every recruit, HS or transfer.

I will agree that, because of recent recruiting success, he has raised the talent level of the recruits that he is choosing from the events listed above. That probably means most will be in the top 50 going forward.

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Those doing the recruiting rankings follow coaches as well. When a coach who is known for doing a great job evaluating talent start recruiting specific players the stars tend to follow for those players.

I’d also say the recruiting services are way way better than they were even 10 years ago. The proverbial diamond in the rough rarely gets missed any more.


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And yet Ibby beat our arse in Simmons Bank last season. However, I would put him there as well. ghg