I give Morris credit on his press conference

Couple of things I liked to see. He didn’t do the apology schtick, really, other than to say it’s on him.

He was given several chances to make excuses and wouldn’t. Declined to again make the SMU/cupboard bare references.

Clearly was upset about the defensive effort. Repeatedly said they got schemed (which matched my non-coach take on things). Was asked if it was fatigue and said No.

Said they wouldn’t change their approach and that they’re going to move forward with guys who will buy in.

Mentioned that it’s time to win and stop waiting for someone else to make a play.

I liked it. He wasn’t pulling punches or making excuses. He was mad. I like to see that, sometimes.

There’s no doubt every coach we have had has wanted to win dearly. But, although I was a supporter of Bielema until it was clear to me he was toast, one of the things I didn’t like was he always had a tendency to sugarcoat things and focus on how close we were.

Morris seemed to me to be very fired up and I think that’s what we need at this point.

Losing has become too easy and too routine for far too long and he he has seemingly had enough of it.


He clearly addressed every aspect of the game where the team failed on both sides of the ball. Clearly wasn’t happy & said the team didn’t put forth the effort to win & didn’t deserve to win. Don’t recall any one player getting any praise.
He owned it all. No BS.

out schemed. i would say so. that doesn’t sound like a vote of confidence for the defensive staff. and offensively, we looked awesome on the first drive for a td, what adjustments did vandy make to slow us down? if any?

time to play some backups.

i know greenlaw was out and it hurt he defense, and he makes a ton of tackles. but he also loses the tight end a lot. i noticed number 27, henry, also lost the tight end a couple of times. we need some linebackers badly. then they need to be coached. seems to me this year we get out schemed a lot defensively, but after sleeping on it i think it is probably the woeful lack of talent on the hill.

Good take, PIG…

He was biting his tongue the whole time he was up there and don’t blame him at all,he is getting tired of seeing the team look like they haven’t been working on anything.been there and done that,coaching is a tough gig when you losing and looking bad while you doing it.

You get to the point no matter how much the DC makes and how good his rep is that you just have to call it for what it is.

That was not a good scheme for Vandy yesterday - as Coach Mason noted in his press conference - and it floundered magnificently

These SEC coaches know Chavis very well and know his tendencies and his style,he’s not going to change.better players will make him look a lot better as they always do but you have to willing to adjust and Mason as much said that,“can’t be all about pressing the gas all the time,got to tap the breaks sometimes”

They switched McClure and Henry in and out constantly all day and neither was effective. Bumper Pool got caught up inside a couple of times when Vandy runners bounced outside. The failure to recognize screens was just pitiful. On three out of the four screens Vandy ran I don’t think a single DL recognized the screen when the OL released.

And our free safety disappeared again. Pulley dropped an easy interception in the first half. So a very poor effort by the defense.

The offense was consistently inconsistent. The procedure penalties and Ty’s disastrous two-play sequence in the second quarter(missed a chance for any easy six-seven yard gain by running on a rollout-then threw a terrible interception on the next play) was bad.

Two minor positives for the OL: First, Clary got his snaps right. Second, they finally benched Gibson and brought Capps in for the latter parts of the game, which seemed to help.

anything wrong with that dudley? i don’t care how much he makes to be honest. in fact, isn’t he on a one year contract to be renovated or renegotiated after this year? and his reputation his last few years isn’t the best. i realize he has lack of talent. that is apparent. i also like the fact that he seems (chavis) to be recruiting his tail off. by the way, morris said if you’re not a good recruiter you won’t be on his staff. how is ron cooper contributing? seems i rarely hear his name.

CCM took responsibility that should send a clear message to the team. Being accountable for what happens is part of growing up. Something these players fail to do.
Saying coach is upset or mad is an understatement. He’s as tired of excuses as we are. There’s no excuse for a lack of effort. That’s what so disappointing. Players take the field and play not coaches. Folks need to stop blaming coaches this for the results we see on the field that’s the bottom line.
We have a good recruiting class coming in and need at least one more class after this one to start to change the makeup of what we are seeing on Saturdays.
This dumpster fire is a continuation of the last few years left by the millionaire coach that is gone. Only time and patience will change the hogs.
Improvement took a backseat and a downward spiral this weekend. It appears to me by listening to Harris and his comments in the press conference he is as upset as the coaches. We have some good players that deserve to see their teammates to give 100% effort which isn’t happening.

I agree. A coach can only motivate so much. If the players don’t buy in it’s on the players. I do think we have some good players but a couple bad apples can spoil the bunch. I predict a big turnover before next season.

“Mercy”…Good post NP. I think our young Hogs are in for an interesting two weeks.

Don’t look now but your favorite college coach is trying real hard to win the Pac12 :sunglasses:

We have been talking player turnover for next year, but his tone yesterday made me wonder about potential coaching turnover as well. Have all of them bought in and do their personalities mesh? Coaches have to buy in as much as they expect the players to do so.

Ha. Now that’s funny.

Folks, I think it’s best to just look forward to next season. I didn’t see many plays on Saturday where we had 11 defenders play at the same time. It’ll take a while to fix that.