I get the frustration

it’s hard to lose three in a row but some of the comments here are sad. You can’t as a program not recognize a young man and his accomplishment, especially when’s it’s a historical one.


Plays in a great deal of pain. The turds on this board don’t care though.


To say he plays through pain is understated…like saying a Navy Seal has a mild affinity for his country.

Kid is a warrior.


The kid is giving it all he has. Considering his injury that is admirable. I wish we had the luxury of setting him next week, especially since we have an open date after that game.


He’s a warrior! If we had 10 more like him we would have an amazing defense. He can play on my team any day. Congratulations Bumper well deserved!


In an ideal situation, We could sit Bumper a few games to give him a chance to rest and heal. But we can’t. Why? Our old problem the lack of depth. A problem plaguing us for years. We lose Bumper, and Odom may be ready to commit Hary Cary. Promises have been made to rectify this problem over the years. And it’s still a problem today. Growing weary of the excuses.

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Sorry. Meant sit Bumper.

Hog Legacy.

I edited for you. I knew what you meant.

Who is criticizing Bumper?

One of the greatest to ever wear our uni

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A lot of replies in the tweet weren’t idea. Those are the comments I was referring to.


I called out several of the bad replies. Really sad :grimacing: folks.


I don’t know how to tweet, but why even read tweets? These people tweeting bad stuff about Bumper are probably not Hog fans. They may be SEC fans just trying to stir something up. Everybody loves Bumper.
Reading Tweets are about as helpful as watching network news.


You can click on to their account and see if they’ve tweeted about the Hogs in the past. They’re fans. There are fans that go off the rail when things aren’t going well. Some more so than others.

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I have been accused of being different, so maybe my perspective is off base to some but once a kid joins the Razorbacks I feel they should have my support and when they play their tail off (mistakes or not) especially staying strong through good times or bad then they should have my respect and loyalty. Do I cringe when they drop a pass, fumble or miss a tackle, sure but hopefully we can get over it.

In my opinion when we have players who may not have forty times, size or other popular measurables and give their all, or show up, fully healthy or not, then what more is expected? Guess this is why Grant Morgan was such a favorite to many of us and Bumper is much like Grant. Thanks Bumper, you are one great example of the Razorback fighting spirit.


Two things have helped me:

(1) Being a high school coach for awhile. Gave me a great appreciation for what I thought I knew but didn’t, and also made me sensitive to any kind of player criticism.

(2) Going to the Catfish Hole every Wednesday night for Sam’s radio show. Very difficult to hear our players talk, watch them interact with our fans, and then trash them for a mistake on Saturday. They become young men who are doing their best to represent my school, not a faceless person who just exists to entertain me.


All kids these days are media wise and far more worldly that us old guys recollect, but I thought Sam nailed it with the you can lose a game and not be a loser. Very Oklahoma metaphysical and something I support wholly. We have a great collection of kids and coaches who face the same every game they play, sadly someone must usually win rather than kiss their sister.

Not just tweets, but also on Hog message boards, including this board. Just to a lesser extent than other Hog message boards.


Constructive criticism is one thing but a lot of the posts and tweets are insane. Especially coming from people afraid to use their real names.


What is a tweet? I got nothing.