I found Wally's 'Letter to Gus' article to be

fairly entertaining…

Confession time. I agree. Plus for the first time in a decade I read Wally. Twice this week. And more confession - it’s the first time I’ve actually typed Wally. Usually I just say -ally. I’ve stated that I won’t read him again. And here I go.

We need to hire an AD and Coach so I can get back to my bitterness. :wink:


I found it sickening as is most of his stuff.

Wally probably squats when he takes a leak.

Sigh. One of the worst things I’ve ever read. Why pander to Gus like this? Wally is just awful. Little wonder Arkansans don’t demand more out of the UA athletics programs. They tolerate — even praise — bad writing like this.

It reminded me of a Christmas letter from a 6 year old.

It did explain Wally’s barely concealed agenda for the last several years.

Humorous, entertaining and hopefully persuasive.

Tongue in cheek man.

I wouldn’t hold out any hope that a column from Wally (or anyone else) will have any influence at all. I agree it was one of his better columns–a low standard, I know–but only because it was meant to be tongue in cheek & didn’t require much else. He did point out how many Auburn players come from Georgia & Florida. That illustrates why AU sits in better recruiting territory than we do. Auburn is only about an hour & half drive from Atlanta plus it has several rather large GA towns as close or closer. It’s no distance at all from the Fla panhandle & the rather large population there. Our nearest really big metro area is Kansas City and that’s about 4 hours away & it’s nowhere as large as metro Atlanta.