I found some baseball to watch tonight

This is Jack, our 2 year old. He asks to watch baseball every evening now. I told him there wasn’t any tonight, so we went outside to play it instead.

Today was tough for those of us who cover sports because of the uncertainty that surrounds the next several months. This was a welcomed distraction.


I will be praying and hoping this thing settles and blows over quickly. There are a lot of “downstream” effects not many people think about, one being you guys that cover sports, when there are no sports to cover…


That’s cool, Matt!
Great pic!

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Working on that lefty swing
Good plan

Is he gonna be a switch hitter?

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Looks to me like he’s expanding the ol’ strike zone; gotta learn to lay off that high fastball.

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He’s our first, so I don’t know when kids begin to show their dominant hand, but he does a lot of things that make me think he might be ambidextrous.

I knew I saved a bunch of games on the DVR for some reason.

I think first up will be watching the Cards score 10 in the first inning against Atlanta and then the division-clinching win over the Cubs.

Looks like quite a few 1st 48 episodes for me…

I had all kinds of games saved on the DVR. Our local provider offered a big savings by getting rid of the cable box and going to an amazon fire stick. By doing that you lose all the saved stuff in the box.

I could use those now since I’m pretty much quarantined in the house.

Oh well…that is small potatoes compared to all going on.

I believe Jack is a natural lefty. His stance is slightly open. Work with him on the leg kick, ala Kjerstad.

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Look like he’s going to be a power hitter,already got good strong powerful looking legs…

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Jack needs to learn that choking up is a thing of the past. Swing for the long ball!

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