I forgot about the crazy SEC Tourney format

We’ve been clearly the best team to date in the Tourney. But, we can be eliminated by a team with an identical 2-1 record (Vandy, for instance) that we will have if we lose. This is the only double elimination tourney I can remember that doesn’t really reward the 2 teams that reach this stage undefeated (either 2-0 or 3-0). They can be eliminated with just one loss. While one or both teams playing in the finals can each have a loss. Well, I guess you could call playing one fewer game a small reward. That team should have an edge.

I guess they have to do this since they want 12 teams in the tourney. You just can’t finish more than 8 teams in a true double elimination tournament in one week.

The thing is, this tournament is not double elimination beginning Saturday. On that day it becomes single elimination.

Yes we have lost at least one, maybe two times in this tournament under those circumstances

One thing good is that Arkansas has to play only 4 games to win the championship. All other teams will have to play 5 games. I’ll take that advantage.

Yes, that’s true since both MS St and TN lost on Wed. That meant FL, who had to play on Tues, came through undefeated at 3-0. If TN and MO had both won Wed., one of them also would have only needed to win 4 games to win the championship.

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I think TV did that. Both the CWS and others need to know when and who will play for the chamionship. So an exact schedule is now in effect, I can remember when we lost to Pepperdine in the CWS but we played two games on the last day because it was in fact double elimination, but the TV people want to be able to say for sure when the last gsame will be played.

I hate the SEC tourney format.


It is what it is, and the format is the same for everyone. You have to win 4 to win it unless you play on Tuesday. We’ve put ourselves in good position and have a day to rest the bullpen arms including KK.

Surprisingly, the coaches are not opposed. They do not see another way to have a large field and not play so many games that would exhaust teams. There is the reward of using fewer pitchers if you win the first two games.

Really, the tournament is just a showcase for SEC talent and a way to make TV money. It’s nothing more.

If you get a chance to win it, great. But don’t waste time worrying about it if things don’t fall your way. important games loom next week.


I think I like the Big 12 set-up better than the SEC’s. They have only 9 teams with baseball programs (Iowa St dropped their baseball program), but they have 8 teams from Wed. on, just like the SEC. They had 1 play in game on Tuesday between the 8th and 9th ranked teams, while the SEC has 4 play in games. those games are all single elimination games. The only difference with the SEC from there on is on Saturday.

They have 2 “if needed” double headers scheduled for the final 4 teams on Saturday. That leaves them with a true double elimination tournament from Wed. through Saturday. Chances are, the 2 undefeated teams would prevail in most years so the average # of double headers a year would be something less than 1.

I think the risk of adding something less than one double header to the schedule of the SEC tournament would be worth the change to let the teams play double elimination through Saturday. The championship game remains single elimination.

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Nope, the coaches do not want that possibility of doubleheaders on Saturday and Sunday. It’s a killer for the next week. Believe me, that’s not what is needed to get ready for the NCAA.

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good point

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