I for one will be glad when Saban retires

Their ‘embarrassment of riches’ year in and year out seems almost unfair. If we had any 2 of their starters we might be a much better team

he has ruined the sec. can’t blame him, but the league is Alabama and 13 others.

It looks like BIG BAD BAMA and usually four more very good teams.
I think we are battling to get to number six. Sad when your hope is
to challenge for a SEC championship.
Truth is top six in SEC would vigorously challenge for other conferences championships yearly in most years.

Somehow our recruiting has to be in top six of the SEC to get to
to top six on the field.

Bama is not a college football program. Bama is a young NFL franchise. When you can get five stars from all over the country to come to Bama and sit on bench or be third or fourth team, something does not smell right.

There is no doubt about it. Alabama has always been able to attract top recruits. Historically, it did much of it by cheating. Regardless, it built a tradition of winning & kids want to go where they win. Add someone as talented as Saban to that already-rich environment & it becomes self-perpetuating success.

The current Alabama team might be the best one they’ve had under Saban. That’s saying a lot. I know the Bama-Aubie game is often a toss-up & has had its share of upsets, I’ll be shocked if Bama doesn’t go 12-0. It might lose in the playoffs, but I doubt that, too.

I wish some cheating scandal would surface there. Otherwise, I want that guy to retire, too.

NEast is right. Bama built a tradition…on cheating. In an era when the NCAA wasn’t as vigilant as they think they are now (now the NCAA tries to be vigilant…but what they are is wildly inconsistent and ineffective…but hat’s another thread). Plus, they had the lure of being coached by one of the 2-3 most legendary college football coaches of all time.

Now they are what Notre Dame once was…but better coached. They get whomever they want…literally…and have the best coach in the nation. Maybe ever.

I will have a party the day Saban retires.

I don’t see him retiring any time soon.

Do you think there are any “slaves to free play” in SabaNation?

I have no idea

I hope he coaches as long as he wants and can. He is one of a kind and you have to appreciate excellence where ever you find it. He is the best recruiter and getting young men to play for the team that I have seen. For the younger generation, Saban is the Bear Bryant of his era but Bryant had more scholarships to work with. Both are giants in the game.