I find this sad

I won’t identify this guy on Twitter but part of the person’s bio reads- National Scouting Director Identifying c/o 2026-2028 (6th-8th grade) athletes


The public’s demand for high quality recruiting news is outpacing the supply in this case.

Ridiculous. Let them be kids.

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This is my take. People trying to make money off kids and parents.


It is sad, but it is where we are right now. So much money being offered to kids without a pot to piss in. It will only get worse, and the NCAA is too toothless to stop it. For better or worse, amateur athletics are dead and buried. I just hope we can keep our powder dry in this arms race.

Duke has 5 5-star commits for 2023 already. I’m just glad it’s not Kentucky. Muss did great this year, but it never ends.

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Before long their will be contracts for HOF male and female athletes to bear children together.
Oh and the offspring will be under contract at birth.


Would not surprise me at all.

I agree with letting them be kids, that said we all commented on the 8th QB that Arkansas and others are recriting earlier this week, He is reason it is unlikely to change.

Not meaning him per sec but fact that there are alot of talented young players and everyone is trying to find them and sign them.

I was disappointed the offered him.

Damon Bailey and Albert King are the greatest players to ever play the game of basketball. At the middle school level.


Fred Gulley was an 8th grade phenom too.


Yes he was. And while Justice Hill is a good college point guard, that top pg in his class before he ever played a H.S. game label, isn’t aging well.

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To me, all these recruiters, talent scouts and shoe company reps prowling middle school gyms hoping to find the next big thing is really creepy.


Completely absurd and ridiculous stuff RD…just sad. Let them be kids!

Jim an’t that the truth.

PS not a much better way to confirm Jim’s statement…

Let me add it’s stupid to have 6th graders on a watch list.

A great 6th grader does not make a great 7th grader. A 9th grader does not make a great 10th grader. And a great High school player does not = a great college player. Thus a great college player does not make a great Pro…

I spend a good deal of time these days at AAU tournaments with my 12 & 14 year old grandsons. The vast majority of coaches and parents are there to support, love and help the kids. But the bad ones are embarrassing horrible. Yesterday I saw an opposing coach tearing down a kid for a long, long time as the game went on behind him. It was not helpful to the kid at all. Our coach called them over an quietly coached them. Then the parents. Some are just awful. As in running down opposing coaches, refs and yelling at their own kids. Today my daughter texted me that she was glad I was not at the game. Parents out of control, coach loudly using God’s name in vain and such. 99.5 % of these kids will never set foot on a college court to play. But those that deal with coaches/parents acting out will be a product of adults giving poor examples of sportsmanship and life.

AAU coaches give hours and hours of their time to help these kids. Literally 95 are terrific examples and coaches but that small % of bad guys sure stands out. Same with parents/grandparents.

Shout out to @razorblack who coached AAU ball for years. And did it the right way.


It is sad. Some people get older without growing up.

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Thank you LD! There are some great people doing travel ball but the few bad ones are so bad that they make it look awful for everyone.

There is no such thing as the best 6th grader in the country. What was JD ranked in the 6th grade???


Right on Razor. What a 6th grader may be good at then may be totally different as he or she grows and excels in a totally different sport.

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