I finally figured out who was the announcer

With Troy Eklund on the regional. Lowell Galindo is the lead anchor for Bevonet. No wonder he’s all Big 12, for now.

Whoever was the director must be from there too. Only shots of dugout was OSU as well as crowd. Dude went on and on about the pokes…


He was obnoxious. I know that


Texas-ex here. Galindo hosts shows for The Longhorn Network. Until this past weekend didn’t know he calls games, as well, for ESPN. Seen mixed reviews on his calling the Regional. Some thought he was funny / pretty good; others, not so much.

probably was still holding a grudge for the 40-21 meltdown of the Whorns back in September

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I may be in the minority but I found him entertaining

Me too. Thought he was very entertaining.

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I did like the way he got excited about the home runs like when Battles hit his was “oh no” “deep into the night” I’m one of those that’s watching the game so much I don’t catch a lot of what some people do I guess on the other stuff.I did recognize that they were showing the Oklahoma State dugout a lot more than ours though LOL

I think they tend to have more cameras on the first base side of the batters (since more are right handed) so they can show the face of the batter. That makes the dugout behind the right hand batter more likely to appear in more views. At Baum, I noticed on our broadcasts that we now seem to see more of the visitor dugout than ours since we have switched to the first base side to connect to our tunnel.

That could be it, haven’t really thought a lot about it.

Didn’t agree w Eklund stating the ump missed the call on the inside pitch to Turner, it was a ball, the Cowboy catcher knew it, he yanked the mitt back over the plate. But Eklund went on and on and made a big deal out of it. After this series, not sure about his future.


He gushes about everyone we played all year…it is annoying to hear a Hog player and color guy go on and on and on about the opponent.

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I will say this for Galindo, for the most part he CALLED the game, not telling past stories w “OH, by the way, he just hit it over the wall”, and then back to the story he was telling. ESPN A team for the CWS, your going to get a lot of talking that has nothing to do w the current game.

One year, they had three guys calling the game and the two former players dominated trying to one up each other with stories of THEIR good old days. It was awful!

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