I feel tricked and violated!!!

After an encounter in the mid 90’s at a Razorback Basketball game
with Smally Balls, I swore never to read another article he wrote. Up
until this day I had managed to do that very thing. Then I clicked
on one of the main up top stories about Bama being picked by the
media. I read 2 paragraphs and noticed that horrid little mans’ picture
in the corner and realized I’d broken my vow!

Its a sad day for me, feels like I fell off the wagon. Time to start a new
streak I guess and be more aware and much more cautious of articles
I read here. :frowning:

Add me to the list.

I noticed that the headline has his name on the Bama piece. All of his articles should come with such a warning. :!:

I often look at the headline in the paper to be able to avoid the on-line articles.

Can you add him to your Foes list and not see his articles?

I wish someone would tell him the name of the season we’re in is “summer” not “dog days of summer.” He seems to think that’s what he must call it. Besides, the “dog days” don’t begin until about now. We weren’t in the “dog days” back in June–or even on the 4th of July.

Amen sister. I intend to keep my vow of never reading anything he writes.


This board has been and should always be considered a place of honor for those writting and those reading. I consider all on here a friend even thought I have not met the vast majority. That person should not be allowed to be in this place of honor as he is lower than whale excrement in the bottom of the deepest ocean. I have not yet been tricked into reading anything he writes and I will continue to be on the look for his completely uninformed vile.