I feel somewhat like a traitor, but I am not rooting

for anyone in the SEC except us.

I have just learned to hate those other guys.


I’m okay with a decent first round, especially since some pundits were predicting we’d go 1-7. After that, they can all lose. And 6-2 in the first round would suit me (Jellycats and of course the Leghumpers, who lost the other night).

With us winning, if the Jellcats and Texass were to lose, the round would be fantastic no matter what else happened. Probably neither one will happen, but…

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The only sec team I root for are the Hogs. I couldn’t care less what other sec teams do

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I go into other SEC team games and think maybe I should pull for them and the SEC. But then the ball is tossed up and I can’t stand any of the lab rats. The NCAA has a great impact on recruiting and I hope the rest of the SEC gets embarrassed.


Just like in football, kids like to play in the toughest conference. I “pull” for the other SEC schools also because it just makes us look better when they win.

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You must really like Bama/LSU/Georgia in football… their NC’s do nothing but hurt our recruiting.

I don’t know. I agree we will never get a kid that Bama, Georgia, or LSU really wants in football.

But we get a good number of kids who say they want to play in the SEC – with the best.

Would we really be better off if the SEC had the championship record of the Pac 12 or Big 12 over the last 10-15 years?

Maybe so. I don’t know. But I don’t think so.

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It’s simple math, the Hogs had the number one SEC class in basketball back when Nolan was making Final Fours on a regular basis. Three decades later we had the number one class in the SEC following two Muss teams that made the Great Eight. Coincidently, the last two years not a single SEC team other than us made it past the second round in the NCAA. Football is even a bigger eye opener. LSU/Bama/Georgia have absolutely dominated the “Final Four” and winning the NC over the last fifteen years. Arkansas averages around seven Four Star players per class while those winning NC’s average 16 Four and Five Stars per class. Individual team winning is more important than the overall SEC doing well. Do we get better players by being in the SEC… sure. But your team winning is a much bigger factor. If other SEC teams are losing and we are winning… even better for our recruiting.

I understand both attitudes on the other SEC teams. I find my own attitude changing from time to time. I want Alabama and KY to lose. And like Jeff, I’m for the SEC in the first round, less so beyond that.

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My mind frequently tells me to root for SEC teams. The game starts and my heart takes over. Especially with certain teams.


I was not unhappy to wake up this morning and find out A&M had crashed and burned.


Buzz did a great job this year as that team has very little basketball talent.

I normally don’t actively root for or against other SEC teams in the tourney (the exception being Bama this year–I will root for anyone who plays them!). But I definitely don’t mind seeing the conference tournament record being among the best–to me it just helps to validate the overall quality of basketball played in our league.

As far as Buzz is concerned, I’ve always liked him and the fact he took that team and went 15-3 in conference play is a very impressive feat. Any other year that might have been enough to finish first overall in the league. But I sure didn’t shed any tears when A&M pulled a no-show last night.

Looks like Auburn may get a free pass into the Sweet 16. Houston has trouble scoring anyway and Marcus Sasser aggravated his strained groin last night and didn’t play in the second half. Plus they have the virtual home court in Birmingham.