I feel like I just opened a gift and got socks

I feel like I am 12 and was expecting an Atari 2600 and got socks. Oh well. Right now our recruiting list has lots of great gifts.

Good for MU fans. I’m sure lots of hoodies were sold tonight.


Thanks for that laugh. Important to keep all of this in perspective.

Always the bridesmaids. Worst team in the sec will have to dig out on its own.

The real message sent to the returning hog players is clear. They didn’t put out an effort or show they tried against Miss St or Missouri and KB didn’t want to play with people like that.
We have a total rebuild going on and it won’t get fixed next season or by 1 talented QB.

While I admit I would have loved for the Hogs to have gotten him, I was never sold on the fact he’d be the savior.

My thoughts have been that he may not be as good as everyone things. Let’s keep in mind he played at Clemson. Clemson is a team that has superior talent and coaching in comparison to most all ACC teams. Watching his highlights, he was very many times throwing to receivers that were open by 2-3 yards or more. Every D1 QB can look great doing that…given time in the pocket.

Again, I’m not saying he’s not good, but I do think he will be challenged at a different level by the defenses he will face in the SEC. He won’t be the best QB in the SEC next year.

Pretty funny to open the link and see ad for socks citing the Hallmark channel. Now that is karma in real life.