I feel it will never happen, but,

If collegiate sports ever goes back to an amateur classification, it will require the College Presidents to get together and force the money people to leave the collegiate scene.

Never going to happen.

The College Presidents are the ones that signed off on the mega media rights deals that have resulted in the professional model big time CFB will soon be.

It’s never going back - just the opposite


College presidents are powerless (in many ways) on some campuses because money talks in more ways than one. Good teams typically help enrollment and bankroll improved facilities at their schools. Look at Saban, he arguably has more power than anyone in Alabama. It’s a new world, like it or not.

You’re right. It’s never going to happen. And if it did, there would be an antitrust lawsuit so fast your head would spin, which the plaintiffs would win. Restraint of trade is illegal no matter who does it, and college presidents aren’t exempt.

It won’t happen but Congress could restore amateur status to college competition. Allow colleges to make a rule that anyone who takes compensation for playing ineligible to play in the college league. That was the theoretical ideal for years. It became harder and harder to justify as more and more money went into A.D.’s.

As a practical matter it’s going to become more and more professional. The only check will be if the public gets tired of it. I don’t see that happening, either

Correct. When Oklahoma and Georgia sued the ncaa the floodgates were opened and won’t ever close.

Some forecast that the truly elite schools will become their own semi professional teams shedding the amateur status altogether.

We have a number of professional teams in the SEC paying players beyond their image.

From everything I’ve heard, Congress has no interest in returning to “amateur” college sports. People in both parties are convinced that the athletes have been getting screwed, and they see no reason to preserve/reinforce the old system that did the screwing.

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I don’t doubt that at all. The only thing that could change it is a few years of a different system that does not work out well.

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