I expected this, We'll win our last 2 Games Though

Every time we hype up a game we always blow it. I knew once the players started tweeting about the game and it started getting all this hype we would lose. Happened against UNC at PK80. Just too much adrenaline going and guys burn out.

We’ll probably get blown out at Bama Saturday. It’s a horrible match-up for us. Quick guards that shoot the ball well and attack the rim is our Kyroptonite. But, I think we’ll have a nice showing on senior day against Auburn. Macon will probably drop like 30 points, we’ll run down their 7-8 man rotation. Then I think we’ll beat Mizzou. They are depleted and have a thin rotation as well. I think our seniors will go all out and win their last game.

You may be on to something there.

But the huge difference was the bench. KY had 38 points and 27 rebounds from their bench. We had 6 points and 7 rebounds.

KY wore us out.

Yea, if we play teams that have just as much depth as us and more talented we are screwed. That’s why we always get beat by UNC. They play 10-11 guys as well and their 10-11 is more talented. That’s what happened in this game, we actually were more tired than they were, most of their starters were fresh to end of the game. It’s a terrible match-up for us.

Like I said I really like our chances in the last 2 games. Auburn is down to 8 scholarship players, and 2 of them don’t play that many minutes. I wouldn’t be surprised if we blew them out. You can’t play us with only 7-8 guys. Only way Auburn can win will be if they just go crazy from the 3 point line and get a huge lead to start the game and our guys give up.

Same thing with Mizzou, they are a great match-up for us because their guards are mediocre and they aren’t particular quick or attack the rim much. Plus they are currently playing a 7-man rotation now that Phillips is not on the team. Unless they get Porter Jr back for the final game, I really like the hogs to take them, we’ll wear them down. I actually think Mizzou may fall out of the NCAA picture unless Porter returns. They are starting to wear down. They are struggling against an Ole Miss team right now that’s pretty much given up on the season.

this team could very easily be on the bubble before its over and I won’t be surprised,.no way we win at bama and unless Auburn just shoots the ball badly they have way to many 3 pt shooters for our leave everybody open on the perimiter defense to stop and we will make Mizzou look great at home like we do most everybody that would put us at 19-12 and probably not going to make the Ncaa and nobody to blame but us…Hope I’m wrong but don’t think I am.

I hope you are right we win two of three.

This being close to the bubble stuff is not fun.

I can see this team finishing strong last few games or fading away like second half.

So hard to predict this team.

So hope we at least make NCAA. Would be such a shame to not at least add to our appearance total.

I’m worried too. UK is a terrible 3 pt shooting team and the stats don’t lie. Mike should have been in Match up Zone almost the whole game, especially when he could see CJ and even Hall weren’t shooting or playing well. Our gaurds had very little rest yet Mike kept us in man and traps that made our gaurds MORE tired. Those coaching decisions leave me with no confidence in Mike to put us in the position to succeed.

Mike’s substitution pattern baffles even the experts. I believe he is not DRIVEN and merely wants a check! With the talent & depth we have, no way we should look so gassed there at the end…