I expect to see a lot of off-speed tomorrow

We have hit right-handers very well for the most part,the ones who have really slowed us down have been the ones who threw way more off speed than fast balls, like the guy from northwestern State, LSU,Ole Miss. This is been what has slowed us down because we either take the pitch for a strike or swing it out of the zone. Hopefully tomorrow if they hang it we bang it or just let it go and take our walks.

Yes, the change-up is the pitch that is tough for any good hitting team with lots of lefties. This team can hit the fast ball. And, so the way for the RHers to get the lefty out is the change-up. If it’s a good change-up, then everyone has trouble with it. But most can’t consistently through it down in the zone. The change-up left up leaves the yard.